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  1. Polls and Surveys
    Your are NVA or Viet Cong in Vietnam War choose your gun I hate have to do this thread, but this balance the US side thread
  2. Shotgun Forum
    Hi Im looking for a fairly low priced shotgun for home defense it will be my first, I have my eye on the maverick 88 although I am leaning toward the mossberg 500 a lil more lately, I was wondering about both if anyone knows? Or if there is something else worth taking a look into as well?
  3. Firearms General Discussion
    In 2000 I divorced my ex wife. During the splitting of the his and hers I refused to give her back a computer that I bought for her. Long story short (to avoid her getting 50% of the business I owned) I accepted a charge of theft of the computer and was given 5 years deferred adjudication here...
  4. Shotgun Forum
    Hi all. Question: Can I use RIFLED slugs in my Mossberg model 695, which has a rifled barrel? I normally use SABOT slugs and that is what the gun is designed to shoot. Some have said that the rifled slugs -lacking the plastic jacket of the sabot- tend to foul the rifling... is this really an...
  5. Shotgun Forum
    I recently purchased a Remington 870 express Combo for home defense and it came with 2 barrels. One is a 20” riffled barrel with sights and the other is a smooth bore 26” ventilated barrel. Can I use 00 buckshot in the 20” riffled barrel? Will it ruin the riffling? If it will ruin the riffling...
  6. Firearms General Discussion
    so what is your favorite???
1-7 of 7 Results