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  1. Super-Rich Head for their Bunkers

    Coronavirus ***Most people are stocking up on hand sanitizer and toilet paper, but the super-rich have adopted more extreme measures to ward off the coronavirus – including preparing doomsday bunkers, according to...
  2. Book Review: Shelters, Shacks and Shanties

    Book Reviews
    This book by D.C. Beard was first published in 1914 and went out of print long ago. It was re-printed by Digireads and is available on Amazon for about $9: You may be able to find a free pdf online because...
  3. Solo 1,500 mile Traverse of Alaska

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Hi Folks! This summer I started up at the Arctic Ocean in Alaska and hiked south over the Brooks Range. Then I paddled down a series of rivers including the Yukon, before doing a week-long portage to the Kuskokwim River. From there I paddled to Pacific tidewater. Needless to say I saw lots of...
  4. Basement Fallout Shelter Proposal

    DIY - Do It Yourself
    I am finishing my basement this winter, putting up foam insulation, 2x4 walls, and drywall. In a back corner, nearly completely covered in soil on two sides is where I will have my root cellar for canned, dry foods and other Tier 1 preps. I an thinking of walling in the root cellar with cinder...
  5. Bomb Shelter Sales - Thanks Obama/Trump

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    This was in our local paper. Bomb shelter business booms - Industry grows as Trump, North Korea posture Another link which was at the bottom of the story... Booming ICBM rhetoric great for bomb shelter business CNBC Story with video: Meet the doomsday prepper making millions. What I find...
  6. Nuke Survival Tips from Business Insider

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    nuke survival tips from Business Insider ***Your best shot at survival after a nuclear disaster is to get into some sort of "robust structure" as quickly as possible and stay there, Buddemeier said. He's a fan of...
  7. Surplus Shelter Halves

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    New to the site. I'm looking for my first tent, surplus shelter half pup op tents. I am choosing between US, German or Polish. Polish and German are rain parkas and shelter halves. Has anyone had experience with this tents?
  8. Lightweight Shelter

    Vendor Deals
    Lightweight Shelter Our lightweight shelter balances durability and mobility. Made from 70D ripstop nylon, the Lightweight Shelter is fully waterproof, but light and compact enough to be easily carried in your bug-out kit or backpack. This shelter is great for military, campers, hunters...
  9. Fallout Shelter odds and ends

    Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Survival
    We are all set to break ground on our Fallout shelter (over budget of course) next spring, we have nearly everything figured out as for furnishings, housing arrangement, stockpiled supplies, food, water and waste treatment, power, more stockpiling etc.. Our shelter will be multi family and far...
  10. Earthbag Shelter Project

    DIY - Do It Yourself
    Hey alls... The wife and I (mainly I) decided that our new location needed a storm shelter/root cellar. We recently moved out of town and the area we now live in has been hit by major storm/tornado several times in the last 10 years so the primary function of the shelter will be a storm...
  11. Using your Vehicle as a Fallout Shelter.

    Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Survival
    A while back I stumbled across a photo of a "Car Over Trench Shelter" A field expedient shelter requireing you to dig a trench and pull your vehicle overtop of the trench. Then fill the inside and around the vehicle with the loose excavated dirt. Is this type of field expedient fallout shelter...
  12. VIDEO impressive shelter in the wilderness

    DIY - Do It Yourself
    Using nothing but his bare hands, primitive tools (rocks) and naturally occurring materials, he builds this impressive shelter in the wilderness. By the time he's finished, there's even a fireplace with a chimney...
  13. Making shelter and bed?

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Hello This is my original idea of making a one-night shelter and bed. The idea is to take two long logs, and put them horizontally. Then I take a few other smaller logs and put them on those vertically. I cover them with leaves to keep rain out and isolate a bit. This I do twice, so I've got...
  14. Storm Shelter Doors

    DIY - Do It Yourself
    I bet my to do list is bigger than most. I'm constantly choosing between things that have to get done and things that I want to get done. The things that I want to get done often get pushed down on the list, so that things that have to get done can be taken care of. Getting doors on my storm...
  15. Uses for Plastic Sheeting

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Plastic sheeting is one of the most useful items we can have in a survival situation. I am not an expert but have several uses for plastic sheeting. I would like to hear from other members who have more ideas. Here are a few uses: 1. Drape over a pole or rope to create a tent or shelter...
  16. Tarp Shelter (not what your thinking of)

    DIY - Do It Yourself
    Ok so this is going to be my first post since joining.. love the site, but just an observer so far. I'm going tent camping next weekend for the 4th of July, and there's a possibility of rain (i know its a week away) but with that said.. I wanted to get some opinions on a tarp shelter, but...
  17. Customizing my tarp set-up, what now?

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I have rediscovered a tarp that I had put up in some old camping/prep supplies and want to customize a widely effective and highly adaptable "kit". I want to be able to build tarp shelters that are four season capable with just the on-site addition of poles and stakes I can make from the wood...
  18. Another sea container idea...pretty good

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Here is a pretty good cabin built out of 2 sea containers. Nice work.
  19. REDUX Survival Tips, Tricks and other stuff

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    There is so much great information that is buried in 30 or more page threads. It's impossible sometimes for newbies to catch up. Hopefully all the great information from our members can be posted again.
  20. shelter ventilation

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    how do you ventilate your blast/fall out shelter? vertical pipes to the surface seem the most common, but i have been reading they can be sheered off by high winds. alot mention a aluminium pipes up to the roof ( or to the otuside), but the pressure from some of the waves will crush the pipes...