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  1. Australia and New Zealand
    Just as versatile as a smoothbore longarm. Flintlock, so it is sustainable. No licence, no registration, no permit to purchase.
  2. New Member Introduction
    Just wanted to drop a line or two to say hello to everyone. I am intrigued by the art of survival and self-defense. I look forward to learning endless amounts of valuable information and will do my best to contribute my 2 cents. :D::D::D: Buy the ticket, take the ride!
  3. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    So I was looking through my pockets today and I realized that I have a lot of random stuff that people may think I'm a bit loopy for carrying around. Obviously I carry all thsese things for a reason, and each item has come in handy at least once. So here is a list of my EDC items: One small...
  4. Rifle Forum
    I wanna start buying some bulk ammo. FMJ mostly. Looking for 5.56 but 7.62 mostly. What round is used the most by the military? Is it the M80? I think Im wrong in that guess. Thanks ya'll!
  5. Non-Lethal Weapons & Self Defense
    Coming from another discussion i started wandering what techniques people would teach ordinary folks if they only had a very short time to do so. This thread is purely hypothetical and i have no plans to teach this way. For the record i personally believe no short course can properly teach...
  6. Firearms General Discussion
    I know we are all trying prep and be ready. We all have guns and go to the range because we either enjoy it or want to keep in practice. But how well are you really prepared for when the SHTF in a real life if you get in a firefight. The range is not the real world and in a real SHTF situation...
  7. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    Let me start off by saying that I know that there are many, many much better choices for a self defence/SHTF handgun. But, as most of you know, i'm 13 years old, and as it turns out, after those many hours of researching, and all those threads I started, it turns out I can't "get" a handgun...
  8. Australia and New Zealand
    So we can't carry guns here and carrying knives is frowned upon by the law here too although many do despite the law. What do you carry for self defence on a regular basis? I have on me most of the time: Car keys Small tactical torch (nitecore IFE2) if i'm wearing a jacket. Spyderco Tenacious...