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second amendment
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  1. Missouri
    Hello all. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but a Missouri Senate bill has been proposed that wants to turn Missouri into a gun rights sanctuary state. This was taken from Here is a blog post summary of it...
  2. Firearms General Discussion
    Found this to be a good read. I can't even imagine if any other right were treated this caviler.
  3. General Discussion
    Did you know that the federal government has no Constitutional authority over firearms? If you read the Constitution you will see that the federal government has limited authority and the extent of that authority is clearly defined. All other authority is left to the states. Madison described...
  4. General Discussion
    The lefties and liberals continue to eat crow regarding the RTKBA. And...
  5. Firearms General Discussion
    Has anyone had some recent experience with setting up a NFA trust since the ATF's announcement of rule changes? The proposed new rules of "41P" NFAFA synopsis: Though I'm most interested in a trust for non NFA firearms as I currently don't own any NFA items...
  6. Military Weapons Forum
    As I had a similar thread going in 2014, here are all the current links to new proposed bills that have been introduced into the senate and house. I will do my best to keep this thread updated. If you don't already know POPVOX, it's a great tool to quickly reach your representatives and voice...
  7. Firearms General Discussion
  8. New Hampshire
    Reposting this from the Political Forum: This would be another victory for liberty within NH and the union.
  9. Firearms General Discussion
    Hello! I am currently in an argument online in the comments section of a yahoo article, and I am arguing with an anti-gun left winger who thinks guns should be banned in the U.S. I would like as many links to legit news stories (no "well my cousins friends cousin told me...") of where guns...
  10. Firearms General Discussion
    So if they require this insurance on guns and it passes in Mass and now in Ct it will surely catch on. The insurance companies will basically regulate through cost, who can own a gun. Maybe they limit the insurance to accompany carry permits - you can own it, but it can't leave your house...
  11. Firearms General Discussion
    We all know about the NRA, and many of us here are life members. There is another similar organization in the fight for liberty that doesn't get as much attention. Gun Owners of Americas If you cannot join, at least consider subscribing to the mailing list for alerts...
1-11 of 29 Results