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  1. Firearms General Discussion
    Not happy with the outcome of this case. About 10 years have passed since a SCOTUS ruling on the 2A and they laid an egg with this NYC case. This leaves the door wide open to many other places to do the same thing. The only backers of a ruling were Thomas, Gorsuch, and Alito. The rest ruled to...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Obama to nominate Merrick Garland as Supreme Court Justice Video at link with Judge Napolitano.
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Precedent Teaches Us The Left Really Wants ALL Our Guns I submit to you that what is going on here is the first assault on private gun ownership They will take what ever they can get now and continue to chip away until all you can legally own to protect your family with is a baseball bat.
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    IN Sheriff: If We Need to Conduct RANDOM HOUSE to HOUSE Searches We Will Well it's started and the only way this will be resolved is someone is going to have to die to get it before SCOTUS. I hope the Indiana supreme court is happy with themselves. As far as Mitch Daniels is concerned screw...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    The good old surpreme court of the good old USA killed the internet. They ruled that the money who provides the net servers can charge for access, block access, filter access, put to the bottom, or do anyting they want to in regards to public access. They are home free now. The net will go...
1-5 of 11 Results