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  1. A few Night Vision Comparisons..

    Firearms General Discussion
    Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I've been playing with different Night Vision stuff for a while and wanted to start sharing some videos and information stuff since so much of what's out there is more sales plugs and hype than anything else. Anyway here's the link to my...
  2. Sniper Rifle ?

    Rifle Forum
    What would be your recommendation for a "sniper rifle" ? Not a 50 cal. to hit a target 2 miles away ... just an ordinary / run of the mill rifle that could be used reliably for sniping. Also, what scope / other furniture would you suggest ?
  3. Free Ammo W/Purch of Burris M-Tac Riflescope

    Vendor Deals
    Get 50 Rounds of Ammo Free with purchase of Burris M-Tac Riflescope Burris MTAC 1X-4X-24XMM Illum/Mat 200437 MTAC 1-4x24mm Riflescope, 30mm Tube - Robust and elegant industrial design - Separated power ring and eyepiece to accommodate flip-up lens covers - Heavy duty 10 intensity digital...
  4. ATN X-Sight II 3-14 Digital Night Vision Scope

    Firearms General Discussion
    Been thinking about this one for at least *some* NV capability. I'm not prepared to go out & slap down a whole bunch for FLIR or Gen 3 NV. Thought it might be a good start. Seen some youtube videos that pretty fairly spell out some pros & cons, but wanted some input from the group. Here is the...
  5. Marlin model 60 scope

    Rifle Forum
    I've had this 22 for 14 years now and fun as can be. It's more accurate than I am and has always been dependable. It will jam if I forget to clean it every couple thousand rounds or so but other than that I've never had a single issue with the rifle. My question is should I scope it or not? I...
  6. VERY100 Tactical Red Laser Dot Sight Scope w/ Mount - $11.99 shipped

    Vendor Deals
    VERY100 Tactical Red Laser Dot Sight Scope with Mount For Gun Rifle Pistol - $11.99 + Free Shipping
  7. Using Old Original WWII Scopes?

    Rifle Forum
    I just bought a Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 Sniper with an original PU scope, and I would love to shoot it but I want to make sure that the age of the scope would not make it fragile or bad to shoot. It would be a shame to ruin a piece of history for a few rounds of fun. Is shooting original (and...
  8. Optics for Norinco SKS

    Military Weapons Forum
    I recently mounted a BSA 4x30 scope on the receiver cover scope mount on my SKS. After play time at the range I needed to remove the mount and all to clean the rifle. It doesn't keep zeroed that way. What are my best options for optics on the sks? Are there any scopes with decent enough eye...
  9. New scope for an old .308 suggestions

    Hunting and Trapping General Discussion
    Hey folks, I've got an old Remington model 700 .308 that belonged to my dad. He bought it sometime in the late 70's and it was left to me when he passed. It currently has an old Tasco 3x9 on it which he mounted when he bought the rifle, the glass is actually pretty good on those older Tasco...
  10. What is a good 2.5x AR-15 scope

    Military Weapons Forum
    Recommend a good 2.5x scope for the AR-15. I have an AR-15 that I am going to be using around the farm for wild hogs, coyotes,,, and the such. My longest shots are probably going to be around 100 - 125 yards, somewhere in that range. Price is a factor. So please no $500 scopes. Another...
  11. Fixed or Variable Scope for Stg-58 Overwatch Rifle?

    Military Weapons Forum
    So I have an Stg-58 with the DSA railed dust cover and standard full length barrel. I would like to put a long range tactical scope on it for overwatch duties. My question is, which would you guys prefer, a fixed power front focal plane scope on high rise mounts (with a possible cheek...
  12. I have a Papoose!! Need help.

    Rifle Forum
    So In 9 more days i get my marlin papoose 70p (not the stainless version) It's my first gun and although I've been shooting before, but its been a while. I'm good with gun safety, But I have no idea how to clean a rifle (kinda embarrassing I know) a few questions. How do i clean a papoose? Are...
  13. Scope for a Ruger American .308 & sights

    Rifle Forum
    So i bought a Ruger American .308 and have on the way a Bipod and a Cheek-pad ( Cheek-pad was free with the purchase of the firearm). the next goal will be to get a Scope for the Ruger American .308. I dont want to spend a god awful amount of money. So i was wondering what you all thought of...
  14. scope vs dot vs laser

    Pistol and Revolver Forum
    I had eye surgery when I was 5 years old and it messed up my depth perception and makes aiming pretty difficult, especially with pistols. So with that in mind, does anyone have any suggestions on what I should use to assist with longer range (more than 30-50 ft) pistol shots. I'm not going for...
  15. Best Weapon Set-up For Night Combat

    Firearms General Discussion
    I'm looking into buying and setting up a rifle for nighttime combat. Does anyone have suggestions for what kind of rifle I should choose? Bigger calibers? Smaller Calibers? I'd imagine that in a night combat situation the combat is going to be closer than daytime, but I do plan on putting a...
  16. Having a hard time deciding between .243 and .308

    Rifle Forum
    Looking at ballistics I see that the .243 has much less drop than the .308, would that also mean that the .243 is more accurate? This would mostly be a rifle used to hunt white tail. I have heard that the .243 will cause more damage to edible meat due to the higher velocity, would it really...
  17. Difference between Eotech's

    Military Weapons Forum
    Besides the price difference and size of the scope itself, what are some of the main differences between the various models? I'm currently building my first AR and I would like some suggestions from eotech users.. Ps.. PLEASE don't turn this into an AR vs. AK ****ing match somehow.. I know how...
  18. Night Vision: Mounted on rifle or a headset?

    General Discussion
    There has been a lot of discussion on the various generations of night vision technology, but not so much regarding whether it is best to get NV mounted on rifle or use a head-mounted set. They are very expensive, so I want to be sure that I get it right the first time. Does a rifle-mounted NV...
  19. Left eye scope?

    Firearms General Discussion
    Guys, I would like to scope my rifle so that I can shoot right handed but see through the scope with my left eye. (right one is bad). Is there some kind of a rail adjuster that will let me mount something several inches to the left of the main rail? Thanks!
  20. nagantghost needs "naganthelp"

    Firearms General Discussion
    I just recently got a 1944 ex-sniper. I only bought the rifle because the guy didnt have a scope or scope mount for it. I do plan on getting a PU scope and mount for it soon. My question is, what is the diameter of the mounting rings on a PU scope mount? My plan is to put a PU scope mount on...