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    Hey all! I checked with the mods and was told it was okay to post this here. I wrote this to put free on here, but switched it to Wattpad instead since it allows for better editing and so on and it would be a huge pain to edit in two places. Plus, I put less focus on the survival details. It's...
  2. Books, Movies & Stories It's a Sci-Fi adventure with a bit of a survivalist twist. I hope they turn it into a series.
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    We have discussed the various scenarios and survival techniques for people living in an urban high-rise tower. Now, Hollywood has a sci fi movie about it .... SKYLINE. This movie was just purchased today at the Cannes Film Festival and we should see it in the not-too-distant future on the big...
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    I have probably two-thirds of Vance's books. I'd love to trade some of my extras for some I don't have. If you have any Jack Vance (or 50s mysteries under John Holbrook Vance) that you can part with, I'm your man!