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    I was talking to a friend who menetioned that Sam's Club has been selling emergency preparedness items and now even has a specific section for it on the web site. I looked through it and the prices seem good on some things but I am leary of the quality. Does anyone have any experience with these...
  2. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    It seems to me that Wal-mart is missing a piece of the pie by not devoting an aisle or two to survival and prepping supplies. They could have cans of dehydrated food, other long shelf life foods, buckets, mylar, Oxygen absorbers, any and all items for your bug out bag or place, etc. There is a...
  3. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Sam's has joined Costco in adding "Emergency food" to their website. So how mainstream is food storage becoming? Does anyone know anything about the brand Sam's is carrying? Are they going to carry it in the stores?
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    Just a short note I would like to share is that our local Sams has never ran out of Beans and Rice (50lb bags), they keep plenty on pallets in the back. Well this past week for what ever reason they sold out of both:thumb:. Maybe people are getting the idea? The only facts I have that they did...
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    I was surfing across Sam's Club website. I was surprised to find they are selling a BOB (roughly $100) and they are also selling emergency food supplies...
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    I just reupped my Sams Club card so I have been doing some comparison shopping. I found Table Salt 25lbs for $3.58. This is already for human use, so it might prove a better deal than the water softener salt because it is ready to use.