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  1. NEW THRIVE PRODUCT! February Sales

    Vendor Deals
    New product launch for February is Parmesan Cheese: Link to Freeze-Dried Shredded Parmesan Cheese Have a Taste of Italy with February's Thrive Life Specials! Our sausage is incredible and this is a terrific sale price! I did a cost comparison here if you want to check it out: Comparing...
  2. Survival Gear massive discounts up to 35% off | While stocks last (Limited Supplies)

    Vendor Deals
    We are here to help you prepare when you need to be ready. Announcing our Survival Gear Sell Off for a limited time only. We have some amazing products at amazing prices for you. Waterproof Hard Carrying Case; BUY: $79.56 (35% off)...
  3. Give the gift of self-reliance

    Delta Packs - Custom Survival Packs
    Delta Packs is a brand new business that's mission is to create intelligent survival products that make a difference in your life, emergency or not. Check out our opening campaign and get great deals on our five unique survival packs.
  4. Kershaw Blemished Knife Sale

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I was looking to pick up a new knife to carry around and saw that kershawguy had a good sale, with extra discounts past the usually already discounted prices for blemished knifes at his site. From the site: "Kershaw blems are offered at a very large discount and have no factory warranty. They...
  5. 10% Online Coupon Code for Chinook Medical Gear

    Vendor Deals
    Chinook Medical Gear is offering an additional 10% discount exclusively for Survivalists Boards through June 15th. A leading provider of emergency medical supplies for military, government and law enforcement, Chinook's online store always offers discounted government pricing. This month, to...
  6. Backpack sale

    Ladies Section
    I wanted a backpack for a get home pack with supplies for 3-4 days. I found this bag on amazon and I have received it in the mail. It is prefect. It seems to be a great size for women and children. I thought I would share. For less than $18.00 it is a great backpack, regular price was $50.00!
  7. Backpack sale

    Ladies Section
    I wanted a backpack for a get home pack with supplies for 3-4 days. I found this bag on amazon and I have received it in the mail. It is prefect. It seems to be a great size for women and children. I thought I would share. For less than $18.00 it is a great backpack...
  8. Apocalypse Now (3-Disc Full Disclosure Edition) Blu-ray On Sale

    Books, Movies & Stories
    I was browsing Amazon's Deal of the Day can came across the Blu-Ray special edition of Apocalypse Now It is listed at $36.49 which is 39% off the retail price of $59.99. Enjoy!
  9. Smokin' Deal

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hey fellow preppers! Home Despot has got kingsford charcoal on sale right now. A bundle of two 20 pound bags for $10.97. I stocked up on 480 pounds.
  10. Beat The Provident Provision Price Increase

    Vendor Deals
    Because of UPS shipping cost increases and the rising demand on long term storage foods following violence in the middle east, Provident Provisions has a planned price increase that will effect all dealers in the next few weeks. Provident Provisions cases will be priced at the lowest allowable...
  11. Our Top 5 Sale Items For Spring Flooding/ Camping Prep

    Vendor Deals
    Pre-Spring Sale In advance of the spring floods which will likely follow the record snow accumulations seen in many locations throughout the Eastern States and the spring camping season, we are offering a list of 5 products that may help you prepare for Spring at the lowest prices we can...
  12. On sale now !!//Deal of the day!!

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Starting a thread about sale items. Post items that are on sale in your area. Keep us all informed of the bargains that are out there. I saw at Safeway Tuna packed in oil (exp 2015) 69c each. I live in the North West and I know they have Safeway stores all over the West Coast.
  13. Looking for land scouts in TX, OK, AR, and MO

    Looking For - Want To Buy From Vendors
    Anyone who lives in eastern Texas, eastern Oklahoma, western Arkansas, and western Missouri: I would like to buy a 20-80 acre rural property in your area to build a family homestead / farm. I will gladly pay a finder's fee to anyone who puts me in contact with the seller of a suitable...
  14. Great Deal on AR-15

    Military Weapons Forum
    Gander Mountain has the Bushmaster Carbon-15 on sale Nov. 26th (Black Friday) for only $599. The version they have is the same configuration as the above link. It will be available in-store only, limit one per customer, no rain checks. For $350 off their regular price it's worth fighting the...
  15. Cold Steel Steals

    Knives, Swords & Axes
    Heads up! There are some smokin' 4th of July deals on the Cold Steel specpro site. Cold Steel ain't my favorite knife manufacturer, but I have to admit they make some really cool stuff and sometimes have great prices. Check it out! I'll be getting...
  16. 25% Off Mountain House Sale; Free Mbr. Rewards Include Excalibur Dehydrator

    Vendor Deals
    I post this now for those who want a little time to plan their finances for a purchase. This sale runs Jan. 31 - Feb. 13 Only. See the details of the sale here:
  17. Get a BIGGER Berkey

    Vendor Deals
    Due to the shortage of Big Berkey purifiers and filters (at the manufacturer) we are able to offer the Royal Berkey at a discount until the Big Berkey shortage is resolved. The Royal Berkey has a 3.25 gallon capaciaty and comes with either 2 or 4 Black Berkey purifier elements. All the specs are...
  18. closing down sale

    British Isles and ROI
    the website is having a closing down sale most of the stuff is probably not too good but they have a 150 pound crossbow for sale at only £36 if anyone's interested i just took advantage of this by buying a smith and Wesson search and rescue knife and a small...
  19. At the gunshop today...

    Firearms General Discussion
    For the record, anyone in the Birmingham, AL area should run (not walk) to Mark's Outdoors. I went today to put a Springfield SAR8 on layaway and the store had the Mother of All Pistol Sales going on. Some examples, all used: Sig P220 (.45) with box and two magazines- $419 Springfield XD-9 &...