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  1. Putin Says A Lot Cases In Moscow

    Ok this is third hand poop gleaned from twater, BUT could it be true??
  2. russia and the virus

    Havent heard anything about how RUSSIA is handeling this VIRUS ??????
  3. US-Iran Politics

    General Discussion
    This one got derailed to political stuff and moved to the General-General section. If you want crisis updates and discussions of the survival aspects of US-Iran Warfare go to the disaster forum:
  4. Thoughts on conflict with Iran

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    The world seems to be in a tizzy about the US and Iran. In all honesty, this has been a long time coming. This issue goes back to at least the 1970s when the Shaw was overthrown. Then there was the hostage situation. Make matters worse Obama eased sanctions on Iran. I just do not know what...
  5. New Cold War?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    President Trump recently pulled the United States out of a nuclear arms limitation treaty with Russia. Putin had been accused of violating the treaty, so why would the United States stay in the treaty? All of that is besides the point. What bothers me is we may be facing a new arms race and...
  6. Book Review: Leningrad: The Epic Siege of World War II, 1941-1944

    Book Reviews
    This is a very readable book about the Siege of Leningrad, especially the brutal 1941-42 winter, by Anna Reid. Ms. Reid is an English journalist who spent most of her career working in Eastern Europe. The fact that it wasn’t written by an academic probably accounts for the book’s balanced...
  7. Trump pulls out of nuclear treaty, signs of something bigger?

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    President Trump is supposed to pull the US out of a nuclear treaty limiting land based nuclear cruise missiles. I am sure both parties will come to the table and make a new treaty, or maybe not. There is speculation China wants some type of conflict in the South China sea. I speculate this...
  8. Turkey looking to buy Russian missiles, looking to punish PKK

    Political News and Discussion
    Troubling news! Not only are the Turkish emboldened and posturing, but we have also lost Mattis and other experts in these matters over the pull out/not pull out. What a mess. From the article...
  9. US Plans to Build PKMs and NSVs Angers Russia

    Military Weapons Forum
    Well this is interesting lol. :D:
  10. Yall Ready For a Military Standoff Between Russia and the USA?

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    President Trump ordered military strikes on Syria. Now let's wait and see what Russia does. Got your preps ready?
  11. I'm Not A Bot

    General Discussion
    Or am I? I have not been a member for many years. So I could be. I am argumentative, is that what bots do? Or do these Russian bots stay in the shadows, feeding the thoughtless, duped, stupid, hateful, views sometimes expressed on this site. Growing the scum that would eat the soul of America...
  12. How to destroy the West

    General Discussion
    This is not the first article I've read on this subject but it is one of the more accessible ones. A quick look at the state of affairs in the US seems to support many of its assertions. I for one...
  13. US shoots down Syrian fighter **Merge Thread** Discuss here

    General Discussion
    Things are getting sporty... First A2A kill for a superbug though! Woo-hoo!! Iranians are threatening us now. Ooohhhh... :rolleyes: Bring it Achmed. Now we need to...
  14. Russian Electronic warfare capabilities

    General Discussion Found this article and thought it gave an interesting summary of Russia's EW capabiltities. The article admits that the reported disabling of the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea was a newspaper hoax. Since the plane that buzzed the Donald Cook was not a...
  15. Maxine Waters’ Retirement Money Tied to Russian Investments

    Political News and Discussion
    Maxine Waters’ Retirement Money Tied to Russian Investments :rofl: Typical liberal hypocrisy calling for Trump's impeachment for his alleged ties to Russia while she invests her retirement money in Russia. :rofl:
  16. Russia Conducts Fifth Test of New Anti-Satellite Missile

    General Discussion
    I find this to be alarming. Also the news today from the Kremlin that Russia is freezing communications with the United States makes me nervous.
  17. About the Russian ambassador and world peace

    Political News and Discussion
    Awhile back there was a troll commenting on my youtube videos saying there would never be an world war or plague. A Russian ambassador has been assassinated. This is an act of war, but who is to blame? Turkey is a member of NATO. What now? We could be on the edge of another global conflict.
  18. Putin "theory"

    General Discussion
    Obama blames Russia on Friday, threatens retailiation, jumps on a plane to Hawaii and off the continental grid for the week or more. Russia gets some sort of retaliation that the common folk have no idea of, they in turn deliver a Christmas present and kill the grid. A few weeks later we are...
  19. RT television bank accounts seized

    General Discussion **** is getting real
  20. Smallpox Threat in Siberia

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Apparently, the warm summer in Siberia is causing many graves buried in less then 3m of permafrost to uncover. This might seem merely morbid, until you realize that many of these graves are Smallpox bodies that have been frozen - and still contain active smallpox. Because they were frozen and...