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  1. Military Weapons Forum
    Ok. I helped a friend dial in his Mini-30 in the fall and I must say, I'm a little giddy. All other debates aside, the mini-30 will be a good addition to the family and will be coming home soon. Here's my dilemma. I have a WASR with plenty of steel cased ammo (Herters from Cabelas -free with...
  2. Military Weapons Forum
    My shop finally scored one and it's mine. Love the feel of it and will have her out tomorrow I hope.:thumb:
  3. Rifle Forum
    Was thinking about adding one to the safe, was just wanting to see if there are any OWNERS out there with some valuable input, please none of the he-said she-said bullcrap.. Would it reach out and touch something 300-400 yards out there?? Id like to keep it .223 for ammo stockpiling reasons (...
  4. Military Weapons Forum
    Hey guys, What are your top 10 favorite guns for any survival situation? I keep seeing threads that say "What is your favorite survival weapon" and I see "AK-47, SKS, FAL" over and over again, so the mission of this thread is to see some other options. To start, mine are: 1. VZ-58 2. AK-47 3...
  5. Military Weapons Forum
    Does the Mini deserve to be in the Assault/Military section for posts? It does have a military type Garand action.... But it is not a military or assault weapon that has seen action to any real extent...
  6. Military Weapons Forum
    Looks like Ruger is really getting aggressive with the Mini line up.... Ruger has just announced the Mini-30 Tactical. Looks pretty sweet! The barrel looks to be even heavier than my 581 carbine has :thumb: I snipped these statements from a Ruger email from another forum The Mini Thirty®...
  7. Rifle Forum
    I just shot a 1/2 inch grouping @ 100 yards with mine at the range. My cousing was amazed lol. I use Silver Bear SP with a Centerpoint scope. That's right, a WALMART scope. No gun vice rest either. I'll post pics as soon as my stupid email works. I know in one pic i got one shot exactly in the...
  8. Military Weapons Forum
    So im in the market for a good 7.62x39 and am looking at the mini-30 whats your experience with these or ar style 7.62x39?
  9. Firearms General Discussion
    I am not satisfied with the performance of my aluminium hicap Mini-30 mags, some jam freaquently. I am looking to replace them with more reliable mags. Any advise?
1-9 of 9 Results