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  1. Firearms General Discussion
    what about the rock island 1911?? any good?? if its anything like a charles daly im not interested..i hear they r made in the same factory..if so im moving on..any opinions??
  2. Firearms General Discussion
    is the High Standard 1911 .45 ACP a good 1911 heres a picuture of it. also i here good thing as well as bad things about it
  3. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    The following review is at I am a 1911 fan, a 1911 man, and never shall this change. The 1911 has taken game for the table, fed the poor, and saved my life on more than one occasion. I fought administrators for the right to carry cocked and locked...
  4. Firearms General Discussion
    I had a guy come into the range today with a new compact. He bought a few boxes of Magtech 230gr. and I asked him to give me his impressions afterwards. For what its worth he also had a Tactical and a widebody. According to him, he purchased all three for $1500. out-the-door at the Pasadena gun...
  5. Firearms General Discussion
    I have been looking at a 1911 style pistol for years, and I mean years. The springfields are nice, but a little pricey. Taurus is putting out a 1911 style pistol this year, so that might be an option. So what brands should I look for, what brands are over priced, what brands are junk?
41-45 of 45 Results