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  1. Firearms General Discussion
    This might be fun to watch. We're shooting piney mountain brand tracers. Anyone else tried these?
  2. Rifle Forum
    im looking for a .223 bolt action in the $0-400 dollar range. i like marlin but i dont beleive that theymake a bolt gun in .223. ill settle for mossberg, savage, tikka, remington, etc. do not want a single shot or semi auto. any suggestion? price? in-put?
  3. Rifle Forum
    Is the .270 a good "general purpose" round? Is it good for hunting and self-defense?
  4. Rifle Forum
    I'm in Michigan. I would like to buy a new or used rifle for hunting deer. I am the type of person who focuses on aiming so I don't want to worry about running out of ammo. This means it has to have an external magazine system. What are the requirements for buying a rifle in Michigan these...
  5. Urban Survival
    I know many people have weapons and most don’t get to shoot them that much, if they don’t have a concealed carry permit many have not had not much if any training at all. Yet many of these people have these weapons for home protection. That is where the problem begins. You buy a gun, you...
  6. Military Weapons Forum
    I just recently bought a PTR91-F (haven't fired it yet!). I've read a lot about the barrel problems with certain serial numbers, and how they may not have the correct number of flutes etc. My question is, how can I count the number of flutes my rifle has? I've disassembled it to where I can look...
  7. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    For 30 years, in a remarkable cabin he hand-crafted with simple hand tools, Richard Proenneke lived alone in the Alaskan Bush in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. Retired at age 50 in 1967, the story of D!ck Proenneke :rolleyes: left the rush of city life behind and headed into the Alaska...
  8. Firearms General Discussion
    One dynamic pistol and one static involving both pistol and rifle, with purposefully created distraction (light & sound). Here's what I learned: - Shooting is hard - It's is a martial art, it takes a lot of training before you completely master the skill. Shooting once or twice a month ain't...
  9. Military Weapons Forum
    does anybody have any input on the henry ar7 survival rifle ? i want one and they are affordable but would like to hear from anybody that has or had one..thanks guys
  10. Looking For - Want To Buy From Vendors
    i am looking for a rifle that chambers .22 short for a low price. it must be working and im looking to spend maybe 90.00-115.00. action and make dont matter.
  11. Rifle Forum
    what is, in your opinion, the wierdest rifle round? it could be a wierd length, shape, or just a wierd niche. does it work well? is it almost useless? i just want to hear your guys suggestions. i'd have to say .17 fireball....huge case, necked down to a tiny bullet.
  12. Hunting and Trapping General Discussion
    Just in case anyone wondered if the SKS rifles were suitable for hunting white tail deer - here is my experience using them for that: God blessed me with my 3rd and 4th deer in 1997 when I was carrying Chinese made SKS using semi jacketed lead point ammo made in Germany and China respectively...
  13. Military Weapons Forum
    In another thread the question of rifle reliablity came up. And while nothing is 100% reliable except God, it made me wonder about other's opinions on rifle reliablity. While I have fired tens of thousands of rounds from nearly every standard military shoulder arm of the 20th century, I...
  14. Military Weapons Forum
    Ran across this article and thought I'd pass it on to you folks. Might be some price drops out there on these?:rolleyes: read on at :
  15. Vehicles & Transportation
    Since i'm a mountainbike enthusiast i believe that mountainbikes would be a most excellent alternative to gas-operated vehicles in a shtf or bug-out scenario for a variety of reasons. There's enough street construction currently happening around here that gridlock is guaranteed in the event of...
  16. Firearms General Discussion
    Hello all, Looking to purchase and mod my first 10/22 as a light weight rifle I can EDC (when legal of course). Want to have an all around rifle, no 5.56 or 308 needed, that I can grab and go when Im on the go (or SHTF and Im at the grocery store/work) Wondering first of all if going with the...
  17. Firearms General Discussion
    Hello all, I am about to purchase my first 10/22 and have a question: I called Ruger and they told me the synthetic stocks and grips are hollow, and easy to access the cavity. I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to store spare ammo, extra mags, along with a mora knife, small survival kit...
  18. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    so i made my first 550 paracord rifle sling and i have 5 more rifles to go. But it NOT being adjustable is driving me nuts.....any ideas?.....also it would be awesome if i could make it hold bullets. but more importantly is getting this thing to be adjustible
  19. Firearms General Discussion
    I couldnt find a thread with just pics or info on people posting about there range bag(s) so I'll make one and see where it goes. This is my main bag, it came with a gas mask i ordered and now i use it as a range bag. I have another soft black handgun bag and my rifle case. I might post those...
  20. Rifle Forum
    Interesting new rifle/shotgun crossover weapon called "The Circuit Judge". Opinions?