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  1. Rifle Forum
    What is your preference for a rifle sling...a single point sling or a two-point sling attachment?
  2. Firearms General Discussion
    EDITED NOTE: I am only discussing this particular book, not the training at the facility and not the USB sticks with training videos. The book is a far cry from what I expected, so after all of the recommendations, I'll buy the USB Key with the videos. I'm looking for all of the training that...
  3. Firearms General Discussion
    As a rule, when I'm hunting, I always unload my rifle at the end of the day, even if camping out. I usually keep a loaded small pistol in my pants pocket at all times when camping and I keep one at home in my computer bag which I keep near my bed at night. I keep my long guns unloaded at home...
  4. Rifle Forum
    I saw this on a Netflix movie which is the first clue that it may not be practical or advisible in real life. Also, I've never seen or heard of anyone doing this but ... The protagonist who was an Alaskan hunter/outdoorsman who put a piece of saran wrap over the muzzle of his hunting rifle and...
  5. Rifle Forum
    What would be your recommendation for a "sniper rifle" ? Not a 50 cal. to hit a target 2 miles away ... just an ordinary / run of the mill rifle that could be used reliably for sniping. Also, what scope / other furniture would you suggest ?
  6. Rifle Forum
    Looking for a new rifle and leaning toward a .44 since I have a revolver chambered for the magnum already. Any recommendations? I have a lever action in a different round that I love and am thinking to go that way but am open to any advice. Thanks!
  7. Firearms General Discussion
    Aaron talks about the basics, fundamentals, and the difference of marksmanship. Do you agree? I've seen some here not liking red dots & only iron sights.
  8. Rifle Forum
    Products used for the “Ultimate AR” build Here is a list of all products being used so far for the build, as more is added I will update the list of links. The basis of the rifle: The Barrel...
  9. Off Topic Lounge Please read this and let everyone know about it. I pray this doesn't pass if so then we're all outlaws. Also who is going to be brave enough to knock on my door and ask for my guns? Rolling up my sleeves and getting ready...
  10. Rifle Forum
    So I have a yugo sks that I had for years . I clean my bolt after every range sesh. The last time I went I noticed that the furring pin was protruding out on the last round. After field stripping the rifle I noticed it was stuck foward. When I got home I cleaned out the bolt and found some...
  11. Firearms General Discussion
    I've been thinking about the next gun I want to buy and I am leaning towards an AK-47. I had limited training with one in the Army. 7.62x39 is relatively cheap still. My big question is do I really need to add an AK to my collection? I already have 2 AR-15s, 2 9mm, a couple shotguns (12 & 20...
  12. Firearms General Discussion
    Due to budget lately I'm sadly restricted to $300 for a long gun and can't decide between a 12 guage shotgun (pump) or a mosin nagant.What are some pros and cons of each? Haven't seen a mosin worth buying locally but I saw a used Remington 870 at gander mountain yesterday for $199 and I'm very...
  13. Firearms General Discussion
    Making a case for Lever action rifles when SHTF I would like to submit my justification for a lever action rifle. First, I’m a proponent of having a pistol and rifle chambered for the same round, my logic being having to carry different types for different guns. In the old west it seemed to...
  14. Firearms General Discussion
    Thinking of purchasing one. A few friends own them, great reviews on line. Anybody have any experience with them? Or can recommend another rifle for the price core 15 can be bought for?
  15. Military Weapons Forum
    Hey all. I am looking to expand my gun collection further and could use friendly advise. I already own a 7.62x39 ak style rifle. Currently i am looking at getting another Rifle either for a backup or for my wife to use in case of SHTF. would it be smarter in your opinion to double down and get...
  16. Firearms General Discussion
    Ran across this in my web wanderings today with no identification. Wondered if anyong had ever seen such an animal in the wild.
  17. Firearms General Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to firearms and was wondering what set up anyone could recommend for home defence and hunting. I also have to consider my budget but just recommend any firearms and I will look into prices later. I live in Australia, but may be moving to the UK soon, so obviously they...
  18. Military Weapons Forum
    Thinking about getting an AK pattern rifle, I like the ak 74. Pros and cons of the 74 vs the 47? Thanks. Any advice on good brands, ammo, mags, etc? Don't know all that much about aks and I'm on a small budget but want quality. Any help is appreciated thanks
  19. Vendor Deals
    Lyman 223 Rem Rifle 2 Die Set (5.56-Mm) - $16.69 + FREE Shipping over $35
1-19 of 172 Results