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  1. Replacing my 870 rifle sights...

    Shotgun Forum
    I have an older 870 Express with a 18.5" barrel that's a shooter, as much as a working shotgun can be, I suppose. With its rifle sights and rifled slugs I'm happy with its precision out to 25-30 yds, but I mostly put 7-1/2 or 00 through it. The only time I've ever had problems with it was when I...
  2. Let's play a game: Pick the firearms for my hunting / camping trip

    Hunting and Trapping General Discussion
    Planning a hunting / camping trip on some public hunting lands on a local river. Area is a mix of pine, oak, sweet gum... etc. Will be hunting small and medium sized game. This means rabbit, squirrel, deer, and wild pigs. Pick two guns for my trip: Remington 700 bolt action in 280...
  3. Remington declares bankruptcy * Official Merge Thread *

    Firearms General Discussion
    Sad to hear about Remington Heard on the news they filed for bankruptcy... I have always been very impressed with the quality of my 870 express super mag. I always felt like they were a good company ... too bad. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Advice on a long gun

    Firearms General Discussion
    I'm getting ready to move to Wisconsin and I'm planning on deer hunting this year. I can only afford to buy one long gun prior to hunting season. If anyone has any advice on why one would be better than the other, please let me know. Here are the three I'm considering: Remington 870: I can pick...
  5. Home Arsenal

    Firearms General Discussion
    I have read countless articles and websites about the best guns, weapons, etc to keep around and was wondering what other everyone else really thinks not just a set list made by someone on the internet. I would enjoy recommendations to research and possibly try. also, accessories for the...
  6. H&R Pardner Pump Compact Forend Tube Assembly

    Firearms General Discussion
    Well it's been a month since I had to take apart my shotgun. I was about take it to a gunsmith to reassemble it because I thought my breech bolt would not go into the gun. Last night I realized that it wasn't that, it was the one of the action bar of the forend tube assembly was bent. The...
  7. Classifieds not working for .22 LR ammo sale

    Site Information & Suggestion Box
    I tried to post an ad in the classifieds twice, it came back with an "Error 502" screen both times after a couple minutes of loading...:confused: help!:xeye: :eek:I have 2800 rounds of Remington High Velocity Hollow Point .22 LR ammo to sell! Thanks in advance!:)
  8. new 9mm from remington R51

    Pistol and Revolver Forum Looks ugly but interesting price , might have to try one ;) thoughts ?
  9. Questions: (Pic heavy) Mauser, Springfield, Sears, Remington, Stevens

    Rifle Forum
    Howdy guys I began the 10 day waiting period today on 6 guns today and have a few questions (I know I should have asked the questions before but I needed them for Gunsmithing school ( I had to leave sadly). Feel free to only answer one or two. A sears "long range winner" 12 gauge break action...
  10. First Shotgun

    Shotgun Forum
    I know this question has been asked a bunch of times, but I am looking for a good first shotgun. I own a few rifles, the m1 carbine of my grandfather's being my personal favorite, but I would like to make the foray into shotguns. I would like to target shot with it, but it's main use is...
  11. FN won the contract...

    Firearms General Discussion
    It looks like that FN won the new contract for M4/M4A1, beating out Remington and Colt.
  12. Help Choosing My First HD Shotgun

    Shotgun Forum
    Sorry guys, if you've answered this a million times before, but grateful if you'd indulge this newbie. I have no prior shotgun experience but have narrowed it down to the 870 vs the 500. I'm leaning toward the 18.5" 870 pump action. But wonder whether the recoil of a 12 ga is too much to ever...
  13. Just another Remington 870 thread!!

    Shotgun Forum
    Just picked up a Remington 870 Express Tactical Haven't shot it yet but excited to do so! I've been researching the available modifications to this gun and there's lots of things you can do to it. However, so far the only thing I think would add any tactical functionality to the gun would be...
  14. need advice in purchasing rifle

    Military Weapons Forum
    One to add a semi auto in .308 to mycollection (already have ARs, aK-47s, and Ruger mini-30...My choices are DPMS AR-10, CETME or PTR-91. DMPS and PTR-91 are about $1K, CETME is $600-650... Do not want to go over $1K and do not really like to buy used. Please advice only if you own one of the...
  15. Browning BAR ShortTrac or Springfield Armory M1A

    Rifle Forum
    Hello everyone! I am moving to Colorado (honestly can't wait to leave Maryland) in a few months and am looking for a new rifle. I currently have a Marlin 30-30 but am looking for a rifle with increased range for hunting and blowing holes through paper. Sadly this is not a "what is the...
  16. Remington Model 788 opinions?

    Rifle Forum
    A local pawn shop has a Remington Model 788 in 308 winchester for around $500. Is a Remington Model 788 worth $500, or should I make the guy a lower offer? The magazines on the Model 788 rattles something terrible. Another pawn shop in Newton Texas has a Remington 700 for $500. I offered the...
  17. Another stockpiling ammunition for shtf teotwawki article

    Firearms General Discussion
    Lets say that some kind of SHTF situation happens tonight, how ready is your ammunition stockpile? Whether its nuclear war, plague, disease outbreak, collapse of the dollar,,,, something happens to disrupt society. What kind of ammunition do you have stockpiled to hunt and protect your...
  18. Firearms to keep at a Bug Out Location

    Firearms General Discussion
    Some kind of worse case situation has happened, you and your family have to bug out to the Bug Out Location, and how what? Keep in mind, this is a worse case situation, meaning you did not have time to grab any gear from your home. The only gear you have, is the gear you have stored at the...
  19. Bug Out Location Observations

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Man oh man, what a weekend. In a previous article we talked about survivalism as an experience and not just a theory. This past weekend was to expand my experience, and to improve upon my theories. Part of my prepping for SHTF / TEOTWAWKI includes going to the Bug Out Location for a couple of...
  20. Remington 770 any good? Other bolties?

    Rifle Forum
    So i have decided that the most price appropriate option for me is a bolt action rifle. I like the .308 and .30-06 for their avilability and performance. I was long considering a Ruger American Rifle, but they are selling faster than ruger can make them. I have been considering the Remington...