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  1. Firearms General Discussion
    There was an event today that has me rethinking the lever action 30-30 as a SHTF survival rifle. While at the local sandpit sending some rounds downrange my Marlin 336 in 30-30 had a double feed. To resolve the issue the lever had to be removed - with a screw driver and punch pin. The rounds...
  2. Firearms General Discussion
    I have a friend who just recently came out as a wannabe survivalist LOL He want's to buy a rifle, he already owns a handgun and shotgun. I took him to the range and let him shoot every one of my rifles, and he has decided that he wants an AR15. I tried to push him towards a Remington 700 in...
  3. Rifle Forum
    A local pawn shop has a Remington Model 788 in 308 winchester for around $500. Is a Remington Model 788 worth $500, or should I make the guy a lower offer? The magazines on the Model 788 rattles something terrible. Another pawn shop in Newton Texas has a Remington 700 for $500. I offered the...
  4. Military Weapons Forum
    I traded my tricked out Remington 700 for a PTR-91 GI model. I've wanted an HK-91 since childhood, so this is a long time dream. I've ordered 15 mags, two mag pouches, and a cleaning kit from Cheaper than Dirt, a sling from Robert RTG, and a case of Tula .308 from Grab a Gun. I'll report back...
  5. Firearms General Discussion
    As I am sitting here thinking about what I should post and how it should be worded, what comes to mind is a jig-saw puzzle. My firearms are divided into 2 main categories, hunting and defense. Hunting includes remington model 700, remington 870, mossberg 590, marlin 336, FN/FAL, ruger 10/22...
  6. Australia and New Zealand
    Ms gillard, with the help of my accountant has decided to get me a rifle in exchange for all that tax they so generously take from me every week. budget is 1000-1500 all up including scope, bipod etc. I'm mainly interested in a .308 or a .30-06 looking at a howa 1500 in a knox axiom stock, A...
  7. Rifle Forum
    Once upon a time I was a little boy that had the great pleasure to go plinking with his dad out in the woods. Working at a BSA camp in the summer I found target shooting and when I joined the army they taught me the joy that is suppressive fire. Now I am back in civilian life and have my old...
  8. Military Weapons Forum
    I'am looking for a 308 semi-auto rifle - recommend some good ones below the $800 price range. After doing some internet searches, I came across the Cetme 308. If anyone here has a Cetme 308, please post your experiences. Several years ago I owned an H&K SP89, so the safety and charging of the...
  9. Firearms General Discussion
    model 700 safety issues Im watching MSNBC and they have been showing videos of model 700's firing without the trigger being pulled. Is anyone watching this?
  10. Rifle Forum
    Wife and I went to a pawn shop and spotted 2 Remington VTR rifles. I nabbed the .308 rifle for $600.00. It has been shot just a little bit, maybe 50 rounds. It is in immaculate condition. I left the .223 version behind for somebody else to buy. It came with a 3 by 9 Hawke scope mounted on it...
  11. Rifle Forum
    So i've narrowed my hunting rifle down to two guns in two different calibers. This will be the weapon that puts meat on the table and defense in a pinch. Wife already has a cricket for smaller game.
  12. Military Weapons Forum
    What would you consider as the best sniper rifle. Use hunting and SHTF No large bore like 50 cal. (put your monet towards ammo) Priced right that does not break the bank US made, but if it is a good deal for the money go for it Ammo easy to buy and you can reload Max range 1000 yards...
  13. Military Weapons Forum
    I'm leaning toward a Remington 700 in .308 but am wondering if I should look at something in 7.62? I have most of my ammo in this caliber and a couple boxes in .308. I don't want to cause unnecessary stress in a rifle by putting too hot a load in. Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Rifle Forum
    Hello, does anyone have any advice on what I should purchase for parts for a field repair kit for a Remington 700. My particular rifle is from 1997 and is in the 30-06 calibre. I allready plan on odering the obvious screws that are easily lost. What are the important parts I would need to do...
  15. Rifle Forum
    As a deer/target gun, which is of more value? A Remington 700 .30-06 or a Mossberg 100 ATR Night Train 2 .308?
  16. Military Weapons Forum
    Lately, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out which would be better for my situation: an SKS or Rem 700 in .308 More than likely, I will be spending most of my time between rural and suburban-like enviornments. I will need my rifle to hunt, but also to defend myself. any ideas?
  17. Rifle Forum
    How much would you pay for a used Rem 700 ADL 30-06?
  18. Rifle Forum
    Perhaps someone here can give me some advice? I have a Remington Model 700 mountain rifle chambered in 280 / 7mm express, the rifle is about 12 years old. Up until last year, the rifle shot great. I was able to make 3/4 - 1 inch groups at 100 yards. For hunting east Texas whitetail deer at...
  19. Rifle Forum
    Best Rifle in .308 Caliber? Money is no Problem. Im in the market to buy a new rifle. I perfer 20inch or 22 inch. Bolt action but with a clip. Just curious to see what you guys are using or like. Thanks !
  20. Firearms General Discussion
    Looking at 2 Remington 700 bolt rifles, in .300 WSM. Opinions? Please.
1-20 of 20 Results