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  1. OPinions on the Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Kit

    Firearms General Discussion
    Finally looking in to setting up for reloading at probably the worst time. I feel I need the equipment and experience though. I am looking at the Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Kit since I have a significant amount of credit at a place that carries it. It is the only one they have in...
  2. Lee Precision - Reloading Assistance

    DIY - Do It Yourself
    So I am new to the reloading scene.. I know, terrible time to start. But I happened to have found a progressive press (loadmaster) from Lee available from one of their distributors and jumped on it. Because who knows if things will get better or worse in the next few months.. I have saved my...
  3. Makng Your Own Reloading Primers - Cap Gun Caps

    Firearms General Discussion
    I know this subject has been covered before, but for anyone who has never heard of this, here it is. A few years back I gave this a try just for kicks. You take a used primer, and with a pick or tack pop the anvil out of the primer cup. Place the empty cup on a very clean flat surface. With a...
  4. Anyone ever used the LEE PRECISION Hand Press

    Firearms General Discussion
    I have looked at this before. Looks tedious, but would be portable and/or take up very little space. Anyone actually used one? I would like to be able to dip my toe into reloading, but have no space for a full setup. LEE PRECISION Hand Press
  5. Lyman Reloading: New Prodcuts For 2018

    Firearms General Discussion
    While at SHOT Show 2018 I dropped by the Lyman reloading booth and asked about their new products. New for 2018: Redesigned charge thrower Brass Smith Ideal Press Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press Lyman does not make a progressive press. I cut my eye teeth on a Lyman turret press...
  6. Problems with rocky mountain reloading projectiles

    Firearms General Discussion
    A friend and I went in on 1000, .308 147 gr projectiles (these are new not pulled) and so far I am not all that impressed with them. While reloading, one in ten at best would have a short OAL. I measured a bunch of the projectiles and the measurements were all over the place, weight- 147.2 to...
  7. .223 Bullets with Uneven Bases

    Firearms General Discussion
    So I made a mistake. I am new to reloading .223, and I saw a deal I thought was great. 1,000 55 gr FMJ's "pull-downs" for $80 shipped, from Sportsman's Guide. Based off my current reloading knowledge, and quick scouting, that sounded great. Turns out I can get 1K Hornady's, brand new, for $77...
  8. Reloading 5.56 Worth It? Thoughts? Tips?

    Firearms General Discussion
    I finally got around to reloading my .308 match ammo. It' been very fun and rewarding. I have been putting off reloading 5.56 for the obvious reason. It's cheap! At least I think it used to be..... SG just had 1,000 count 55 gr pulled bullets on sale for something like $80 shipped. Crunching the...
  9. What's your favorite 223 powder?

    Firearms General Discussion
    A shop near me is having a close out sale on all reloading supplies and has a decent selection of powder, I already cleaned out their primers:D:. Coincidentally a couple friends and I are about to receive a metric ton (maybe exaggerating a tad:cool:) of 556 brass so we are open to trying new...
  10. Simple and Cheap Shotgun reloading setup

    Shotgun Forum
    I have an NEF single shot 20 gauge and I want to get a simple and cheap kit for reloading shells for it, any recommendations? Any help is much appreciated. I'm also fine with making my own kit but I don't know what to buy, so if you know please tell. Thanks.
  11. .38 special/.357 magnum reloading

    Firearms General Discussion
    Hey everyone. I'm recently lucked into a couple thousand pieces of .38 brass and a few hundred pieces of magnum for free. I'm loading some of these with xtp bullets for defensive use but I'm open to other options as well. I'm looking for recommendations for good general purpose loads. I'm...
  12. Reloading Newbie Help

    Firearms General Discussion
    I am finally going to reload my first batch of .270 win, this is the first time reloading any rifle or pistol cartridges. I am wanting to run my load information and techniques to see if anyone can see anything definitely wrong that would cause a serious injury. I already read the ABCs of...
  13. Reloading 30-06

    Firearms General Discussion
    Hi guys I have a few questions on reloading my 30-06 ammo. Being very new to this I was wonding if anyone has experience reloading 180 grain hormandy round nose and 125 grain Speer Spitzer bullets. I'm a little iffy about the bullet depth I have these rounds at. What's do you think?
  14. Reloading 357 Magnum Help

    Firearms General Discussion
    Salutations. I have some 38 Special and 357 Magnum brass that I'd like to reload. However I am quite new to reloading, (I've never done it) Their is this reloading press that I am looking at buying. However I have some questions before I start. 1) Will that press work for 38SP/357 Magnum...
  15. Crimped my rounds too much

    Firearms General Discussion
    So I decided on an experimental approach to both get match ammo for my ar10 and bullets for my 300 black out. It went bad but not as bad as I thought. I started with ZQI 7.62 nato I pulled all the bullets dropped the powder in the casing down to 43 grains of what the company tells me is...
  16. Back in Houston any prior service guys around

    General Discussion
    I know the title reads like a personals ad. But I am back in Houston finally and was looking to meet up with some ps preppers who wanted to get together to train shoot guns ect. I tried to check out a local group/ militia but let's just say they were scary under trained and over equipped and...
  17. Hornady +P Load Data - 185 & 115 gr. XTP

    Firearms General Discussion
    What's up guys. I've been out of the loop. I've got a question for the reloaders. In my quest to stock up on quality SD ammo, I've turned to loading up some of my own to supplement my factory made stock. For the price of 20 rds of factory SD ammo, I can load 100+ rounds of my own. I'm currently...
  18. Did I mention how much I'm loving these 37mm rounds?!

    Non-Lethal Weapons & Self Defense
    I hyped these guys up a few months ago and I'm still loving the product! Exotic Firearms has all things 37mm... from launchers to instructional videos. Check them out, I started with the Deluxe 37mm Reloading Starter Kit. I'd like to hear your thoughts about 37mm reloading...
  19. my best load so far for 5.56 11.5 inch ar15 pistol

    Firearms General Discussion
    Just thought i would share this load with anyone who has a shorty ar15. I worked this load up and down to get the best combination of performance and expansion. I finally came up with. 50 grain Hornady Vmax 21.6 grains reloader 10x Standard military brass CCI #400 primers overall lengt6...
  20. boolit lube components and their affects

    Firearms General Discussion
    I've been lookingover booit lube recipes and after looking at all the different things to mix, are there components or mixtures thereof that work better than others? Or better in certain environments?