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  1. Coronavirus
    The Coronavirus curve seems to be flattening, so hopefully we can get back to being paranoid preppers, yet again. What does concern me is how many people will attend Easter and Passover services. The curve looks to be flattening, then boom, in 2 - 3 weeks we could be an explosion of cases from...
  2. General Discussion
    For example, religion has been responsible for the deaths of far more people than have civilian firearms so I propose: 1) People wanting to open a new church must undergo a background check. Anyone convicted of a felony or any fraud charge would be denied the ability to open or pastor a church...
  3. DIY - Do It Yourself
    Howdy folks, I am the head of my local youth group and we trying to raise money for some worthy causes. so i had the idea to make DIY survival videos on youtube and see if i could get some money for them. I went to a wilderness program for 2 months before i joined and it taught me alot of cool...
1-3 of 40 Results