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ray mears

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    In my stock piles I have hundreds of pounds of flour and sugar, but I don’t want to expel lots of time and energy making complicated bread, especially if there is no electricity. I watched Ray Mears Northern Wilderness and there was a small clip about Bannock. Bannock is a survival bread that...
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    Mears... Cody Les (at 4:30) :headshake:
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    just let folk know ray mears is doin a feld craft lecture in the perth concert hall on the 28th of oct. dont know if anyone is from that area but tickets are £21 might be worthwhile goin. think he is doin dates in aberdeen and glasgow too
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    KIT NEWS We are very excited to announce that Ray's latest series, Survival with Ray Mears, is now available to pre-order on DVD. The final episode of this series will be broadcast on ITV1 this coming Sunday, and all pre-orders will be dispatched the week commencing 3rd May. See our website for...
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    Who do you think is your favorite TV survivalist? Who do you think shows the best and/or most interesting use of survival skills? Bear Grylls (Man vs Wild) Ray Mears (Bushcraft, etc.) Les Stroud (Survivorman) My vote is for Ray Mears. His bushcraft skills are incredible. Who would you...