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  1. Racism is Now a Public Health Crisis

    General Discussion
    Just when you think the conversation cannot get any more ignorant. Dozens of City Governments Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis Do they think the have a solution for all the racism from Black Lives Matter? According to the article, COVID-19 is also a part of systemic racism. Beam me up...
  2. Why is President Trump blamed for Coronavirus spreading?

    Over the past few months there seems to be a common trend in leftist main stream media blaming President Trump for Coronavirus spreading. Phrases are usually along the lines of "President Trump failed to stop the spread of Coronavirus." What is missing is what people think he should have done...
  3. Why the obsession with Coronavirus testing?

    Watching and reading the news it appears everything revolves around Coronavirus testing, why? I feel we are being led to believe that if a certain percentage of the population is tested, then everything will be ok. Do we not realize testing is a single snapshot in time? Just because X number...
  4. Thick aloe vera gel is best for homemade hand sanitizer

    My wife and I have been experimenting with making homemade hand sanitizer. We had a bottle of stuff that said aloe vera gel, but it was really a lotion. The result was a runny homemade hand sanitizer. The thicker stuff, for example Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel in the squeeze...
  5. I guess we learned 1 thing from China.

    Crush any dissent with an iron fist. Hospitals tell doctors they’ll be fired if they speak out about lack of gear " Hospitals are threatening to fire health-care workers who publicize their working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic — and in some cases have followed through. Ming Lin...
  6. Hospital cited HIPPA law, refuses to provide patient information

    Local man tested positive for Coronavirus, took the hospital 4 days to provide any information. When they did provide information, all they provided was age. We have no idea who he is, who he has been in contact with, where he has been... nothing. Even though the local county Judge and the...
  7. Fearmongering about rights being taken away

    Guy at work today was talking about our rights being taken away during the Coronavirus pandemic. People on YouTune talking about how the government is suspending rights due to Coronavirus. On the flip side, President Trump is barely using his authority. There are several threads on this...
  8. SF Bay Area about to shelter in place....

    Coronavirus The San Francisco Chronicle reports that six San Francisco Bay Area counties are about to declare a "shelter in place" order, asking residents not to leave their homes and stay away from others...
  9. seen anyone wearing a mask?

    WA State, Are you seeing folks in public wearing masks? I'm curious. COVID-19 is definitely out there. Our governor declared a state of emergency. I'm ticked off about that stupid teacher who, along with family, took advantage of the cheap airfare and accommodations to traipse around on the...
  10. Over 700 People Are Under Public Health Supervision In Washington State!

    Over 700 people being watched in Washington State. I posted this in the China Virus thread but with all the posts thought it might be overlooked. Thanks to Leadcouncil for confirming. Washington State Monitoring 712 possible COVID19 Patients
  11. Coronavirus virus outbreak observations

    In this thread we share our personal observations on the Coronavirus virus outbreak. World Health Organization has refused to take any major steps to contain the virus as they have delayed declaring a global emergency. News is more focused on Trump and impeachment than the outbreak. Reminds...
  12. "Transient" from Mexico off TB Treatment...

    General Discussion
    ...warrant issued in California.;_ylt=AwrBJR8G59FTOBoAm6nQtDMD Public health official has "one or two cases" like this a year. **MODS** I did an advanced search before starting this thread. If there is...
  13. Diseases coming in with the illegals

    General Discussion
    TB, H1N1 swine flu, Scabies, Lice Recipe for disaster. First crowd the illegals together so they spread diseases first to each other, then ship them all around the country. This is the equivalent of a Bio weapons attack. Funded and orchestrated by our government.
  14. CDC's hurricane tips

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Has everyone been reading the emails and facebook hurricane tips from CDC? Good info or just CYA for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?