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  1. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I am looking at an email invoice right now for the 12 oz of silver (12 one-ounce bars) that I bought last year in June and it cost me $208.24 (including shipping/handling). I went back to the same website and the same 12 bars would now cost $256.96. I don't know anything about precious...
  2. Financial Forum
    The price of silver is almost down to $15.00 an oz and dropping as we speak. Down $1.01 as of 1 min ago.
  3. Financial Forum
    I hear everyone talking about silve dimes and quarters but are pre. 65 nickels silver or not. Thanks.
  4. Financial Forum
    Looking at buying silver. Here's my problem. Ok, I can buy it for $20 or so an ounce, then I have to pay another $20 for S&H. How can I get around the S&H?
  5. Financial Forum
    Hi, Lurked for a while and am clearly new I would think by this question but what should I get. I a bit of money to spend and want to know if pre 64 or rounds would be best. If rounds is generic good or would eagles be best? Sorry if this sounds like a silly question but I'm not sure. I...
  6. Financial Forum
    If you are interested in buying some Junk Silver, it is only fair if you know beforehand the exact melt-value of the coin you seek. This is how you go about finding said value: Divide the current spot price per ounce( ) by the exact amount of Troy...
1-6 of 6 Results