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    Listen everybody, your town square isn't the middle of town anymore. Our nation's capital has NO business being on the eastern seaboard next to an ocean. I just started a petition on the White House website to move the nation's capital to the middle of the country, near Kansas City...
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    Not that I know what is the correct answer. I'm thinking we need a high ranking military officer that knows when to hold'm and when to fold'm in half. Now, with out being a veteran myself, it seems we need somebody calling the shots that on one hand does not want war but not afraid to drop the...
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    It is early but hey, let’s predict what will happen to the potential 1st incompetent women potus. I personally think she has zero chances of winning based on her lack of honesty/transparency, dearth of accomplishments, above the law/privileged status, and her utter lack of personality but there...
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    I have noticed that there are a number of threads wandering through here that discuss the various political candidates as well as Congress, a President who is unable to dictate policy and the tendency of the Courts to legislate from the bench.... The funny thing is that a lot of our current...
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    I'm beginning to like the looks of Herman Cain on the national Republican Ticket in 2012. He has a lot going for him - experience, strong Conservative, strong Constitutionalist, all for the Fair Tax initiative, all for the military. There is a lot to like about the guy. Anyone ever heard his...
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    An artist, Jon McNaughton, decided to paint a picture titled "The Forgotten Man". Please, check this out. The video is only 2 & 1/2 minutes... - Phil To see the full painting at his website, click -->
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    What is President Obama's religion?
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    Only candidate left to secure our borders
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    Listen to Ron Paul on NPR talks about conservative values, and how the Republican Party is in trouble after recent Repub losses in primaries. Ron Paul on NPR Radio 5/14/08