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  1. Urban Survival
    I have been watching Doomsday preppers and most of them all have different reasons for why for what they call the world is coming to an end. Is there some things that may be more prominent that would cause a SHTF scenario? I seen one guy saying that a super volcano would cause a SHTF scenario...
  2. British Isles and ROI
    Hi Mine future plans are to find a remote small holding and live the good life the self sufficient life. Raise a few animals, grow a few crops, generate my own electricity etc. Prepare for the future. Whats your plans? the uk survivalist
  3. General Discussion
    There may already be a thread like this, but I didn't find it. When you think of Possibilities you need to prepare for, what are they? Even the ones that you feel are extremely unrealistic in your lifetime. Astronomical event killing off a large percentage of the earth FLARE METEOR...
  4. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    WARNING. Graphic photo of GSW. Preparing for civil unrest By Claire Wolfe
1-4 of 4 Results