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  1. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    The picture pretty much covers it. This builder just wanted an ottoman, but if you fill the bottles with rice or other preps, it becomes useful hidden storage for preps. Maybe make smaller version with individual 5 gallon buckets.
  2. Firearms General Discussion
    So this discussion (read: questionnaire) is open to anyone--but aimed more to those out there who prepare by storing weapons, ammunition, etc. in their BOB, BOV, caches, et al. Question: How many mags do you set aside? How many total per weapon? Do you carry more rifle mags, or more pistol...
  3. Urban Survival
    After bugging in for four days due to inclement weather and icy roads, We ventured out yesterday since the roads had mostly cleared after over 80 continuous hours of freezing temperatures and snow/ice. One of the last places we went to yesterday was a Super Target near our home. We were not...
  4. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I have a handful of those hard and pretty rigid milk crates that I think my parents had since I was a kid. I think they make a good storage container for preps since they are so sturdy and stack well. However I don't know where you can get these any longer. I know some people just go up to...
  5. Food and water
    I'm researching the best place to buy bulk salt. So far the best I've found is: If I buy in bulk (50 or 55# bag) these are the prices (per #) for what I am considering: Grey sea salt (3.75) Sonoma (1.12) New Zealand (1.45) Is there any place better I did not find...
1-5 of 5 Results