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  1. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I have been searching everywhere for PP locally..ACE, TruValue, Lowes, Home Depot, Plumbing Supplies, & Pool Stores....and nothing but a bunch of blank stares. So now im faced with purchasing online...any recommendations? Now im faced with deciding if the powder version is sufficient enough to...
  2. Health, Fitness and First Aid
    Hello friend -I hear story about VitaminC to use VitaminC for Potassium Permanganate But not sure how to use it and what the benefit?:confused: -You can only use Potassium Permanganate to purify water (kill germ)? Its dangerous to use?:confused: -What about Trichloroisocyanuric acid ? how to...
1-2 of 2 Results