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  1. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Did you ever made popcorn from normal popcorn kernels on a fire pit made with wood. Is it possible? How?
  2. Food and water
    Hi, I know that popcorn has a moderate moisture content and that it’s dangerous to store things with too much moisture. How do you prepare the popcorn for LTS and how do you remoisten it when you want to pop it? (The moisture gets heated and that’s what makes it pop.) Also how long is it good? TIA
  3. Recipes
    I found this this evening on youtube; This is great, a hat tip to this gentleman for posting this, I'd never considered using a hot air pop corn popper and a coffee grinder...Go figure :) Enjoy!
  4. Food and water
    Thought I would share my homemade microwave popcorn technique. I use one large deep dish ceramic bowl that fits in my microwave and a ceramic plate for the lid. I add in a dash of oil, a handfull of popcorn, stir it wround to coat all the popcorn. cover bowl with plate and microwave the same...
  5. Food and water
    I know the LDS warehouse puts flour in #10 cans with OA's. Would corn meal store for 30 years + in mylar bags with OA's in buckets? My wife make's the best homemade tortilla's, Just corn meal and water. anyone storing cornmeal?
1-5 of 6 Results