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  1. Biden went a little too far with the groping

    Political News and Discussion
    According to NPR report today, Biden not only groped the woman, but also used his fingers inside Reade when he allegedly assaulted her.
  2. Wanted: Digital artist for long-term small jobs

    Looking For - Want To Buy From Vendors
    I'm looking for a digital artist for political comix. I use the comix for non-commercial use posting at online forums (can't use them here...too prudish.) or similar online use. Sometimes I may make a postcard out of it for personal use. You send me digital art, I don't need art on paper or...
  3. Coronavirus and Trump... whats your take?

    He just compared chinese flu with seasonal flue, he said people die anyway in car accidents and what not. I will admit, I was enterntained. :D: But then again its one thing to troll people in a forum and its another to troll your own people while you are president. Whats your take and how...
  4. Coronavirus Stimulus Package ***MERGED HERE***

    What are you going to do with your bailout check? As seen on Zero Hedge, taxpayers may get as much as $1000 per person. What are you going to do? What will your neighbors do? Will we see inflation?
  5. Gun Rights Sanctuary State bill proposed

    Hello all. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but a Missouri Senate bill has been proposed that wants to turn Missouri into a gun rights sanctuary state. This was taken from Here is a blog post summary of it...
  6. Gun Rights Sanctuary State bill proposed

    Political News and Discussion
    Hello all. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but a Missouri Senate bill has been proposed that wants to turn Missouri into a gun rights sanctuary state. This was taken from Here is a blog post summary of it...
  7. Which State Will the Democrats Trash Next?

    Political News and Discussion
    I'm betting Idaho. Boise is experiencing rapid growth due to an influx of refugees from the Left Coast. Previous victims: Colorado - Used to be solidly Republican, now you can't even own a tactical rifle but you can ease your pain by smoking a dubbie. New Hampshire - I love this state, it's...
  8. California Rated as Worst State in the US

    General Discussion
    A new study claims that California is last in the country for quality of life. The latest mass exodus from California is well-documented. But I see a serious downside to this. While the migration of conservatives to conservative states strengthens those states, liberals also prefer those...
  9. Constitutional Amendments

    Political News and Discussion
    Here is a Constitutional Amendment proposal I sent to Donald Trump. I'd like your input, whether it be criticism or suggestions for improvement. Amendment 28 Term Limits for Congress and the Supreme Court Professional career politicians having proven themselves anathema to a free and...
  10. Donald Trump - The American Gladiator

    The Dark Side
  11. Some people just don't get it.

    General Discussion
    I have an aunt who has "never voted republican in her life and won't start now." Now everyone is entitled to his/her beliefs but this particular woman was a firm Obama supporter and is currently a Hillary supporter and is very vocal about it, however this weekend she approached me asking for...
  12. When was the last time a president actually been in battle?

    General Discussion
    Not that I know what is the correct answer. I'm thinking we need a high ranking military officer that knows when to hold'm and when to fold'm in half. Now, with out being a veteran myself, it seems we need somebody calling the shots that on one hand does not want war but not afraid to drop the...
  13. John Kerry

    Political News and Discussion
    Just wondering if John Kerry has made a public appearance since his "cycling" accident.. the fact the the EU Times and Russian intelligence both report that it was an assassination attempt, by ISIL ... Claim is we (He) was to have a secret meeting with the ISIL leaders ??? Or maybe it was a real...
  14. It's ALL OUR fault - just ask Obama!

    General Discussion
    I just watched Special Report on Fox - the discussion about the Cromnibus Bill. There was a clip of Obama telling the Dems that they should stop complaining about all of the extras included in the bill, because, and I quote.... "THIS is what's produced when you have the divided government...
  15. Views of a Voluntaryist (Q&A)

    Political News and Discussion
    ATTN: Please keep this thread educational by refraining from debate here.The thread for debate is located at Hey everyone, I'm making this thread in an attempt to foster discussion about my "political" philosophy: Voluntaryism AKA...
  16. Liberal... Does it mean something different in the US?

    General Discussion
    I see a lot of "hating" on liberals on these forums and then I wonder if it means something different "over there" Over HERE (Denmark) we have the socialists (high taxes, stupid high welfare and gubberment wants to mother everyone... and the liberals who want low taxes, much less welfare and...
  17. Bundy Supporters wanted out of town

    General Discussion
    Just stumbled across this article: Are the militia going too far? Are the checkpoints a little too much? Your thoughts? Keep your answers/opinions civil or just move on a long....
  18. Politics, Money, Special Interests, and You

    Political News and Discussion
    When I see well meaning people discussing (or arguing) politics, while echoing talking points they heard from corporate controlled media (right and left), I can't help but to picture pawns or sheep who mistakenly believe themselves to be queens of the chessboard or sharks of the sea. This is...
  19. PTSD Army vet blaming Rand Paul and KY Guard?

    Political News and Discussion I don't recall Paul being negative or unhelpful to Vets. Did I miss something? <TinFoil> Is this a false flag to damage Paul before any electoral hopes can be raised?</TinFoil>
  20. How would you prep for an American revolution?

    General Discussion
    Take a look at this article and leave a few comments on how you would prep for a americn revoultion,