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  1. Financial Forum
    Just getting into Silver & Gold. Been doing some searching and can't seem to find the answers. I have bought a few 1 ouncer silver bars off of Apmex here and there, but I always wonder if paying the extra buck or two is worth it to get the engelhard or JM brands. I just purchased a few Apmex...
  2. Financial Forum
    I've been a silver hound since early summer. A close friend suggested this afternoon that I look seriously at copper. I know, we've all chatted about copper off and on for awhile now. As I recall, copper increased in value, then wained. According to my friend (in the electric/copper wire...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Came across a bar of what should be silver and pewter from a melted set of silverware. This bar was melted years ago, with no thought to the possible markings on the silverware (sterling, .XXX, etc) How would one go about getting this evaluated and sold? Would like to sell or trade to smaller...
1-3 of 3 Results