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  1. Where do you stand as to coronavirus?

    Where do you stand as to coronavirus?
  2. When do you harvest potatoes?

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    One of the common questions I see about potatoes is when should they be harvested? The simple answer is potatoes can be harvested anytime. Typically, potatoes will start forming several weeks after the seed potato was planted and the plant top formed. However, if you want maximum production...
  3. What happened to Coronavirus peak death predictions?

    Several weeks ago scientist were predicting we would level off at around 2,400 deaths in a single day. From there the death rates were suppose to decline. It is obvious those predictions were wrong as here we are weeks later and the death rates continue to go up. Is anyone still seeing those...
  4. 100,000 Coronavirus Dead by The End of May?

    This is a prediction thread. At the current average Coronavirus death rates of around 2,000 dead a day, I suspect we will have 100,000 Coronavirus dead by the end of May. We recently passed 62,000+ dead. With around 2,000 dying daily, we will hit 100,000 in around 19 days. Rather than...
  5. W.H.O. Pushed Draconian Lockdown Rules that were to ruin U.S. Economy

    Coronavirus I think it's time to say goodbye to the WHO. And I don't mean the band or the Dr.
  6. How are your hands?

    When I first started with cleaning hands back in March they were cracked and bleeding. Now I wear glove most of the time and only clean when the gloves are off. Hands are much better.
  7. When are people going to take Coronavirus serious?

    Went to the local corner store to get gas for a fishing trip tomorrow. At the store were two parents and their two children. I am going to guess the children were both below the age of 10. We have a county order that says only one family member in the store at a time. Copy of the order was...
  8. Food and Work, 1348 vs 2020

    One of the driving factors for spreading Yersinia pestis (Bubonic plague, aka Black Death) in the Middle Ages was looking for food. For the most part people ate fresh foods. Yes there were stuff like peas, wheat.. etc, but there were no long term food storage like what we have today. Even...
  9. Conserve Your Stash, The Storm is Coming

    By now, most folks should have at least 3 months of supplies and probably 2+ years of toilet paper. You may think you are sitting pretty and cool being preppier. I highly recommend that you conserve your current stash and increase it to 6 months if you can. Do it safely but do it. There are...
  10. Truly Uncertain Times Ahead

    Even though death and infection rates are slowly decreasing, I feel the worst is yet to come. Maybe not with Coronavirus, but with the economy, foreign trade, relations with other nations, civil liberties... etc. It is as if everything that could go wrong was written on pieces of paper, put...
  11. No Acquired Immunity

    Coronavirus It seems that catching it and recovering doesn't mean that your body remembers how to make the antibodies. Even catching the...
  12. Asymptomatic threat is worse than expected

    Coronavirus By now most of us know about the Roosevelt carrier. Some numbers. 4800 crew. 94% testing complete. 600 tested positive. 60% who...
  13. Coronavirus continues to mutate - possible teotwawki

    Coronavirus continues to mutate. This time there is speculation a mutation in India would kill research efforts for a vaccine. I hope all this speculation is wrong.
  14. Coronavirus curve seems to be flattening

    The Coronavirus curve seems to be flattening, so hopefully we can get back to being paranoid preppers, yet again. What does concern me is how many people will attend Easter and Passover services. The curve looks to be flattening, then boom, in 2 - 3 weeks we could be an explosion of cases from...
  15. Medical Staff Refusing to Work/Quitting

    Coronavirus ITYS. Thanks for getting the previous thread locked when I tried to warn people. Medical staff in the US are not all going to go down with the ship. People need to understand that we're not...
  16. Coronavirus Lockdown Cabin Fever

    Who here is on lockdown? How are you dealing with cabin fever? Since to work in the petrochemical industry so I continue to go to work everyday. However, my wife is home on lockdown. She is starting to face depression from having to stay home. I imagine there are maybe millions of people...
  17. Coronavirus Will Be Back Fall 2020

    There are a lot of threads asking "what if" Coronavirus comes back in the fall of 2020. Furthermore, several members have compared Coronavirus to the Spanish Flu of 1918, which I think is a fair comparison. Rather than saying "what if" Coronavirus comes back in the fall of 2020, let's just go...
  18. Hand towels as face mask filter

    Looking for an alterative to N95? This is what I am doing - order a cotton mask off Ebay that has a pouch for a filter. The filter will be a shop towel. What I did, I got on Ebay and ordered two...
  19. What if Covid-19 mutates, and comes back this fall, more deadly?

    I was researching the history of the 1918 Spanish Flu. Turns out, it was first observed in March 1918 as a mild flu, lots of US Soilders training to serve in WW1 were affected, and most recovered. These soilders were then sent to...
  20. Dr questions treatment