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  1. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Yesterday, while mowing, I noticed that the raised Strawberry bed I planted last year was finally producing a few red berries. There were lots of green berries and about half a dozen red berries. I also noticed that my “hen of the woods” mushroom that grows in the crotch of my maple tree every...
  2. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    I really didnt know where else to put this for sections but seemed that this would prob be the most obvious choice, mods change it if you seem necessary but anyone else really into Fringe? I'm about half way through the first season and this has to be the best sci fi show I have seen out there...
  3. Polls and Surveys
    I watch a lot of stuff on History Channel, Discovery, Sci-Fi, Animal Planet, etc. Almost never watch network...anyway, out of the choices you watch any of the shows on paranormal things, and, if you do, which one of those named do you prefer?