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  1. Coronavirus and Antifa Panic Buying Reality Check

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I had a coronavirus panic buying reality check. My wife and I made a trip to Beaumont, Texas to take care of a few things. While we were in Beaumont we went by Academy Sports and Outdoors. I grabbed a buggy then headed over to the ammo section, and it was cleaned out. Guys and gals I have...
  2. Bean prices online are insane

    Food and water
    I couldn't believe it. My favorite was the 25 pounds, assorted types including rice for $150. I have just taken it for granted because my Walmart has been OK but WTF?
  3. Five canned foods for a rotation system

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Pick five canned foods for a rotation system. Several years ago I phased out a lot of my canned foods. This was due to various reasons, one of which my children being grown and moving out on their own. With the Coronavirus plague I realized phasing out my canned foods stockpile is was a...
  4. Is your state about to re-open? Now may be the time to max out your preps.

    Unless my Governor extends the lockdown, my state is set to open up at the end of the week. I fear that this will lead to an explosion of new cases in my otherwise nearly untouched state...and that the same thing will happen across the country as things open up. I have been bugged in since...
  5. My weekly Walmart/Sam’s Club recon.

    At 10:30 this morning, I went into town to visit Sam’s Club. About 2 weeks ago, the line to enter the store, extended from the door to over 1000 ft. I expected the worst. I was completely surprised to find the store relatively empty of customers. Almost ALL the store shelves were completely...
  6. Liberals face gun sale barriers they approved of

    Political News and Discussion
    As Coronavirus continues to spread people who never considered buying a gun are rushing to the gun store to buy a firearm. Then all of a sudden they are faced with the gun sales barriers they wanted put into place. Tim can get long winded on certain topics, but I like his points on this one...
  7. What have you not been able to find / buy for the last 3 weeks?

    While I have not looked for ammo. I have not been able to buy whole wheat flour, disinfectant body or home wipes and n95 masks for the last 3 weeks in local stores. For certain times during the last 3 weeks there have been no TP and related paper products, eggs, gloves, bread and some meat. But...
  8. Dollar General one shippment in next two weeks

    Dollar General is getting ready to do inventory. During inventory they will not receive extra shipments. I was told the Dollar General store near me will get one shipment over the next two weeks. Went by a local Dollar General store to pick up a few odds and ends. While I was there an...
  9. Coronavirus gun sales / ammo shortages

    Do we have a thread on gun and ammo shortages?
  10. The panic in their eyes

    Regardless of what store I go to I see the same thing - people with their eyes wide open grabbing food off the shelves. Their eyes are open wide as if trying to take in every detail. The only time I see this is when a hurricane is approaching. But in this case however, the storm has lasted...
  11. Watching the Supply Chain

    Hi all, I'm interested to know if y'all have suggestion for how we can keep tabs on the food supply chain. I live in a large city. People have made runs on the supermarkets, but they're still being restocked and we could get fresh produce if we chose to go shopping (which we have not, since it...
  12. News reporting panic buying guns because of Coronavirus

    Game on the panic begins. Went to the local Academy sports store yesterday. I was actually in there for a pair of boots. After finding what I wanted. I decided to wonder by the firearms section. The gun racks were almost empty and the ammo isle looks like the paper goods isle at Walmart...
  13. the unprepared starting to complain about "hoarders"

    There's a scary and alarming situation starting to develop. Lots of rumblings on social media about "hoarders" causing shortages in the stores. I suspect it's coming mostly from the unprepared and socialism-sympathizers out there. I expect this will soon be followed by demands "for the...
  14. British panic buyers

    British Isles and ROI
    I went to the supermarket today to purchase some extra tea and gin. They had no gin. I must confess my upper lip did wobble slightly. Bloomin mumsnet preppers. I did however do my bit today and advised a few elderly types on what to buy, plus some strange west African gentleman who was very new...
  15. Coronavirus going as expected, just slow

    Just about everything that has been predicted over the years has come true, except transmission is moving much slower than expected. China was source of outbreak China has been dishonest about infection and death rates. China censored news CDC and WHO dropped the ball - did not declare...
  16. In Stock items drying up?

    Military Weapons Forum
    Every recent visit to my LGS has included a discussion on the difficulty in getting new rifles and parts (AR and AK). In checking Atlantic, Legion, and Copper Customs today, there are a lot of Out of Stock listings ... more than I expected, and not just VEPRS that have been gone for a while...
  17. Obama opens mouth, gun prices soar

    Military Weapons Forum
    Checking gunbroker it seems Colt 6920s have gone from $850 - $900 to around $1,200 to as high as $2,500. Not as bad as after sandy hook but the price gouging is underway. At the George R Brown Houston gun show January 2 I saw a truckload of Colt 6920s for less than $900. One guy had PSA D&H...
  18. Ebola the most over hyped thing since Y2K?

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    The reason I use Y2K as the comparison is if you know the 1st thing about it you understand why its so insane. Ebola has almost no ablitty to spread it can only be transferred by direct contact with bodily fluids of someone that has been infected and can not last on a surface outside the body...
  19. Ebola - Supplies status in your area

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    These were getting lost in other threads so to be able to keep track of trends, shortages, runs, etc. please post here. Ill start: Massachusetts, Two stores I went into shortly after (within hours) the Doc who was treated in Nebraska was readmitted were completely wiped out of gloves, buckets...
  20. Assume 2-3 months before breakdown: what activities (not purchases) to take care of?

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Serious responses please (I know how some of you think) :rolleyes: Just got scared last night thinking about health care visits and other tasks that need to happen while we still have health care workers and regular businesses open in Texas: 1) routine dental and vision checkups for my family...