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    Yesterday Rush defended Palin on the Paul Revere statement. The Story of Palin and Paul Revere At the bottom of the article he said. If Palin runs and if she gets the nomination, she's gonna end up being the one to...
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    Palin Bus Tour Maybe in Violation of Flag Laws. Wow the FXJohn types are really digging for dirt. Yep let's go after Palin and her display of the flag yet we'll disregard Holder, Obama and the ATF over the Gun Runner debacle. :rofl: This made my day. If ever the Phrase "Idiot Wrapped in a...
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    Source: This rumor is very interesting and we will see how it plays out in the coming days. Personally, I found her resignation to be quite shocking simply because it doesn't make sense. If she resigned to focus on the 2012...
  4. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    What is up with this? Sara Palin resigns as governor and leaves no clue as to future aspirations. Interesting? Yes to say the least. More here: Egad Kev let us edit the thread title so we don't always look like idiots because we misspell.