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  1. Coronavirus
    Over the past few weeks I have been visiting various stores to take pictures and document the Coronavirus outbreak. I keep hand sanitizer in the car and use it every time I get out. When I go into a store I try not to touch anything unless I have to. Mostly I go to the store to pick up odd...
  2. Coronavirus
    Greetings, Has anybody witnessed or been told about anything occuring that would cause you to increase your armed security posture? What have you done? What would you plan to do? Long gun in vehicle? Open carrying sidearm at home? BOBs ready to depart? Adding motion lights or remote cameras...
  3. Coronavirus
    At what point do you personally take the coronavirus serious and change prepping gears? We should take all viral outbreaks seriously, but some last a few weeks then taper off. The Coronavirus seems to be gaining steam rather than fading away. Then again, numbers could drop like a rock...
  4. Coronavirus
    Let's throw some gasoline on the bonfire of speculation. Reads like something straight out of a science fiction movie. All we need now is running zombies. I am still on the fence about the...
  5. General Discussion 40 people and 1200 reindeer dead.
  6. General Discussion
  7. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Wonder if they thought the government would help them.... What I don't understand is why would a broken refrigerator mean hungry kids.... Yah said there had been difficult times for the family, being cooped up together. "A thunderstorm knocked out electricity for two days and a broken...
  8. Books, Movies & Stories
    Greetings, TKV1: Plague Survival is a digital book on the most effective modes of healing known to man. These include electromedicine, photon therapy, herbal medicine plus many more. Will be available on kindle for free download starting on april 14th to april 18th
  9. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Survival
    Atlanta's largest public hospital and main trauma care facility announces a "spike" in cases of of Legionnaires Disease:
  10. Urban Survival
    More news about this peanut butter and salmonella outbreak has been released today. Now I am wondering if my peanut butter stocks are safe. My wife asked me this morning if we should throw our peanut butter away. I suggested sending it back to whoever made it with a note saying that I...
  11. Health, Fitness and First Aid
    I remember when this was going on. There are a lot of questions that still have not been answered by public health officials - such as the Center of Disease Control (CDC). When the outbreak was going on, the CDC website had almost no information about what was going on. It seemed strange that...
1-11 of 11 Results