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osama bin laden

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    Osama becomes the living dead. Link includes trailer. movie-news osombie-trailer
  2. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Now that Osama is dead, do you feel safer? Or, Do you feel that the threat of terrorist attacks is gone, or at least diminished
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    Go Watch Please. Also, if you'd like to know my opinions, so far, on the supposed death of Osama. Go here, Here, here, here and here. Thanks. :D:
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    Video recreation of Bin Laden's death Enjoy.
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    Breaking news about to be announced by Obama Elevated condition from Alpha to Bravo. Something is happening soon. ~~~ Moderator Edit ~~~ All Bin Laden threads have been merged here Signed, Kev
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    According to the normally VERY reliable and credible Israeli news organization Osama bin Laden has been found living in northeastern Iran for the last five years. Read Monday's story (07 June 2010) here: There reasons for the leak of bin...