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  1. Books, Movies & Stories
    Pat answers archive episode; Liberty Lines-"The false call for Unity" is now on-line at: It runs just over one minute. Check it out!
  2. Knives, Swords & Axes
    Been looking at buying a new knife, and my mind keeps going to a Damascus knife I used to own and miss. While I want something a bit larger than a Kershaw Scallion, I do want to stick with Damascus. What are everyone's favorite Damascus patterns? I added a sample pic I found for reference...
  3. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I didn't want to start a new thread. But all threads on this topic were from 2009. So here it is... I own 2 of the Modular Sleep Systems. They came with a patrol bag that provides cold weather protection from 35 to 50 °F (1.67 °C to 10 °C). The intermediate bag provides cold weather protection...
  4. Rifle Forum I need some input here. I have a nice little collection of guns that I'm pretty comfortable with. Included in which, I have a hunting/clay busting 12Ga shotgun, 12Ga home defense gun, the obligatory AR-15 and several .22s for plinking and small game. My tax return was good to me, so I...
  5. Polls and Surveys
    How do you think makes the best sports cars?
  6. Military Weapons Forum
    Counless theads and opinions I just want to know if i should i should build one or just buy one. The yugo is hard to beat in price, but i would like a chrome lined barrel. So i thought romainian but i don't know. Tell me whats what. I'm dead set on an ak 47, because i dont need to reachout and...
  7. Firearms General Discussion
    Forgive me if this is a repost, couldn't find one already. What are your experiences with PPU (Prvi Partizan) ammunition. Please provide the calibers and quantity you have fired, and any faults you have observed. I have fired almost 1000 rounds of PPU .308 145gr FMJ-BT, with no issues. The...
  8. Reviews & Questions For Vendors
    I'm about to get a dehydrator and I would like to make sure I get a good one. I can only afford to spend around $50 on it. What do y'all think about the different ones available? I don't really have one in mind either...I kinda like the clear ones :D: but only because I can watch it happen.
  9. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I am torn between a lightweight 0 Degree or lower sleeping bag that I could easily carry on my back, but may not be as sturdy vs. a Military down or down/synthetic filled (ECW) vs. the modular 3 piece bag set up with a patrol back, sleeping bag and Goretex bivy cover. I know down would be heavy...
1-9 of 9 Results