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  1. General Discussion "The vote was 55-45 against the amendment, with seven Republicans opposing. The chamber’s 46 Democrats and two independent senators all voted against the measure.... ....Republican Sens. Susan...
  2. Polls and Surveys
    Is Obamacare making your life better or worse? A thumbs up vote means Obamacare has helped you. A thumbs down vote means Obamacare has negatively impacted you.
  3. Financial Forum
    So today I checked my bank account to be sure that my direct deposited paycheck went through. It did, but my balance was lower than it should have been. After investigating this, I found that the amount i pay towards social security went up substantially. I have heard that this is because of the...
  4. General Discussion
    Hi All Just curious, anybody know a way to not comply with Bum Care? Not saying I will just pondering how one would. Aka I assume the mandate will require reporting health care status on taxes. Would love a third box for, non ya [email protected] business. However then I am sure I would be breaking a...
  5. Financial Forum
    IRS to spend $93 million to ‘promote compliance’ with ObamaCare
  6. General Discussion
    This is a fantastic study of the history of the implementation of socialized medicine, what the citizenry received, how the medical personnel were treated, and its results... A must read for all serious students of the topic... In 1918, the Soviet Union became the first country to promise...
  7. General Discussion
    From FoxNews: Link: Excerpt:
1-7 of 20 Results