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obama administration
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  1. Firearms General Discussion No more private sales groups
  2. West Virginia
    Alpha Natural Resources says it plans to lay off 831 miners and dozens more support staff in southern West Virginia as a result of the downturn in the coal industry. That's got to hurt :mad:
  3. General Discussion
    ‘Fast & Furious’ rifle capable of taking down helicopter found in 'El Chapo' cache
  4. General Discussion
    I love bacon and eggs, BLTs, pork chops, and pulled pork. Yet another reason I pray I never wind up in a federal prison. Interesting that the major news sources haven't picked up this story.
  5. Firearms General Discussion
  6. Book Reviews
    I just completed this fantastic book (literally; I put it down about 5 minutes ago). Whatever your political views, I highly recommend you read this book. Ms. Attkisson, a (former) CBS news reporter, details her efforts to reveal the hidden truth behind several scandals rocking the Obama...
  7. General Discussion
    It seems like this administration and Attorney general are 100% not your friends, time and time again from fast and furious to Ferguson to Benghazi, they have shown that they do not and will not support you. So with the death of Brian Terry from a fast and furious gun, Obamas prosecutions of...
1-7 of 13 Results