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    FBI never examined hacked DNC servers itself CrowdStrike was founded by George Kurtz and wait for it.......................... Dmitri Alperovitch :D:
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    So, a friend of mine suggested that I watch the movie, and I normally don't let reviews determine whether or not I should watch something. However, I couldn't help but notice the negative reviews it has been receiving. If you have seen the movie, what did you like or not like about it?
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    U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress
  4. The Tech Zone
    So while watching the latest episode of Morgan Sperlock's Inside Man, on CNN of all places, I was surprised to learn about "the rest of the story", as far as what the internet is actually comprised of and how it works. TOR (The Onion Router) is freeware that allows people to chat, search...
  5. Book Reviews
    I just completed this fantastic book (literally; I put it down about 5 minutes ago). Whatever your political views, I highly recommend you read this book. Ms. Attkisson, a (former) CBS news reporter, details her efforts to reveal the hidden truth behind several scandals rocking the Obama...
  6. The Tech Zone
    I just read a thread about all the information the government and other corporations have on your through your internet usage. I've also been reading about the seemingly inevitable end to a free internet from the service providers. As far as I understand them, a proxy server is a server you...
  7. The Tech Zone
    Anyone using TRUECRYPT with WINDOWS or LINUX, do a google search, the creator of TRUECRYPT is urging everyone to re encrypt their private data with anything else, and abandon TRUECRYPT. The general belief is that the NSA is probably all over the creators of TRUECRYPT, and they can't come out and...
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    I went ahead and cancelled by wells fargo debit card after hearing that between 11/27 and 12/15 some hackers got ahold of the debit and credit card info for 40 mill folks that used one at a store during the time period. Debit cards are especially important to cancel. I am going to start buying...
  9. nsa

    Controversial News and Alternative Politics 1.4 billion and they cant make it work . most likely a snow job just to throw people off so they can keep gathering data. the previous system is still in place?
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    A glimmer of hope perhaps? Given the amount of snooping the NSA has been doing on the Internet, everyone should be concerned about their privacy and more to the point of keeping their private communications, well, private. Article below...
  11. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    Lawsuit claims NSA, FBI and Secret Service are targeting vets expressing disagreement with Obama and trying to classify them as public safety risk (PTSD). If you change the definition of “crazy”, like maybe anyone...
  12. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    Microsoft denies Windows 8 app spying via SmartScreen Basically Windows 8 reports to Microsoft about every application you download and install according to the article. If true this doesn't surprise me any as the NSA was "officially" called in to help with Vista. Unofficially they've probably...
  13. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    The following is a list of possible locations of NSA domestic interception points inside the United States. The list was presented by computer security researcher Jacob Appelbaum at a recent event held at the Whitney Museum in New York along with filmmaker Laura Poitras and ex-NSA employee...
  14. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    Domestic Eavesdropping Operation ’Stellar Wind’ Well,well well looks like the spooks will be more powerful soon. Flowing through its servers and routers and stored in near-bottomless databases will be all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone...
  15. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    Google says its cars grabbed email and passwords You don't collect that kind of data by mistake. :mad::mad::taped:
  16. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    Did we do enough as a nation to prevent 9-11? In THE SPY FACTORY - the new PBS / NOVA documentary about the run-up to 9-11 and the intelligence efforts behind it - the answer is, NO. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I watched a fascinating...
  17. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    Seems they are stepping up surveillance on all you right wing extremist. :rolleyes: