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  1. Military Weapons Forum
    So I've been watching the ads, sites, shows for a good example of either Russian or a Norinco to add to the stash. Found one today! All matching, Arsenal marked /666\ (uhh...), lightly used, mil version Norinco. Chrome bore is perfect. Glad to finally have one! Got it home, good cleaning...
  2. Military Weapons Forum
    Hello all, I recently purchased an ATI Strikeforce folding stock for my Norinco SKS. I also picked up (5) Tapco 20 round magazines because A.) I wanted to use higher capacity detachable magazines and B.) I heard a lot of complaints about ProMag quality and saw a lot of 5 star reviews on...
  3. Military Weapons Forum
    Fascinating site. It's been a "real kick" reading everyone's comments. :D: Look forward to future conversations with y'all. I've been into the "preparedness" scene for some time, but always interested in learning something new. Just bought my wife a Norinco SKS at a Gun show yesterday. Paid...
  4. Firearms General Discussion
    I have the opportunity to purchase a n.i.b. Commercial Norinco sks. I want a 7.62x39 rifle but i would worry about ruining a rifle that has survived 30 years without being fired. Is the norinco sks worth keeping in mint condition? Should i use it or save it and buy another?
  5. Military Weapons Forum
    I stopped at a gun shop on the way home form a road trip this week once back in VT and found a nice Norinco SKS (synthetic with folding stock). Now I don't really know much about an SKS. I have a mini 30 and an WASR AK but am always looking for more assault rifles for when the zombies come...
  6. Military Weapons Forum
    I've got 3 SKS's in total. One Yugo that I removed the Grenade Launcher and installed a functional muzzle brake. Also added a a pachmeyer butt pad and formed it to fit and redid the entire stock. The other 2 are Norinco's one which is mint and seems to me pretty much unfired and will e left as...
  7. Military Weapons Forum
    My local Cabela's has two used Norinco SKS to choose from: 1. Wooden stock and scope for $340. 2. Polymer (looks like wood) stock, no scope, for $280. Obviously the scope on the first one is not one of the best, judging by the price. So, do you think these are good deals?
  8. Military Weapons Forum
    Hey, is there anywhere I could get a good trigger job on my norinco sks? The trigger isnt horrible but I am going to use it as a deer hunting rifle so I want every advantage I can get. So thanks in advance and happy posting
  9. Military Weapons Forum
    Picked up a Norinco SKS today at a gunshow... Standard full length gun with folding spike... In the COSMOLINE! Didnt think there was anyone willing to part with these... Saw several weird things come out of the woodwork at this show... Factory nickle colt SP1... Dont see these every day...
1-9 of 9 Results