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    I have a Nitecore P10(800 Lumen), GREAT light, prob one of my better, But as usual, I'm interested in a P12 (1000 Lumen)I have a LOT of lights (Flashlights, head lights, lanterns, etc.), I love flashlights/lanterns. I could start a username over at CPF, but I thought i'd try here first. here...
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    Owned this little flashlight for around a year now. I've used it extensively for camping, EDC and for my duties as a volunteer emergency services worker. Its 126mm long. Spits out 345 lumens at high output. Has an 'infinitly variable' control. Essentially a dimmer. Strobe mode Thumb button Is...
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    well what would be the best flashlight for SHTF/Camping and will be running for long amount of time? What would be the best flashlight for these uses? Thanks