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  1. Vehicles & Transportation
    2000 Nissan X-Terra...or "The X-Terror" as it's come to be known at my house... I bought this heap o' parts less than a year ago, from a neighbor known for keeping good care of his cars...who either filed to observe or fail to mention the rust on the frame (my fault for not crawling underneath...
  2. Vehicles & Transportation
    In a fit of brilliance (That I have yet to discuss with the missus), I came up with an idea, and wanted some advice from you guys. That means in effect that I'm just curious as to whether I'm gonna get a bunch of "**** yeah's" or "You're an idiot's" Turning a vehicle into a better SHTF vehicle...
  3. Vehicles & Transportation
    I am looking at getting a BOV and daily driver. Wife and I have agreed on the Pathfinder. It's main area of use would be in the city but I planned on this to get us out of the roads as well so some off-road use (preferrably with stock parts) will be expected. I am hoping to get the 2008 model or...
1-3 of 3 Results