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  1. General Discussion
    Here is a link to the most recent talk on RBN - To get a full overview of THE SYSTEM, and THE AGENDA, this link will take you to the first page of blurbs...
  2. General Discussion
    Earlier this year, the UN announced that Internet access was a basic human right. And Grandma put the news on SB: Now, it's broadband access to the Internet that's a basic human right...
  3. General Discussion
    11 May 2011: It appears to be true that in Texas, everything is bigger, including the lies that directly affect our national security. On Tuesday, Barack Hussein Obama gave a speech in El Paso, where he indirectly mocked and ridiculed those critical of illegal immigration and his...
  4. General Discussion
    I saw this video while surfing, and it made me rage and made me think of a conversation RNCMOM had in a chatroom a few days ago. Upon the mention that her kids had been taught to RESPECT firearms since they were young, several Americans made quips on how CPS needed to be called (which ****ed me...
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1-5 of 24 Results