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  1. New Mexico
    No post for a couple years. 2020 was the fourth driest year on record for New Mexico
  2. Arizona
    Anyone planning to attend the Kingman, AZ Survivalist/Prepper Expo next month? Show dates are Saturday, October 17th & Sunday, October 18th. It's being held at the Mohave County Fairgrounds. If so, be sure to stop by our RF Gear 2 Go communications booth (#240) and say hi!
  3. Food and water
    I am currently in the Las Cruces NM area, and I am moving, and have things that are useable that I am trying to give away to a like minded person. Looking for someone who wants to store food, and needs recycled containers to do so. I’m a scavenger, dumpster diver type, over the years I...
  4. New Member Introduction
    Hello For years I have been looking to join like minded people with no luck. A group or a family that has ample land with an ample water supply. There are a lot of well meaning, going to or fixing to groups and individuals out there. I'm retired and worked construction and maintenance (not...
  5. General Discussion
    My thoughts are probably shaded by the fact that I grew up there and understand the environment and resources in the area well. Northern New Mexico is one are where survival locations would be easy to start and maintain. For one the cost of land in most of these areas is below the national...
  6. New Member Introduction
    Hey every one I Just joined the sight... Well I've never hear of this until last night I was on another forum talking about the recent political happening in AZ and well I said the word "militia" And I had a PM sent to me about 6 hour later with my sentence in quotation marks and It got me...
  7. New Member Introduction
    Hi Y'all, Sheila here. I just joined this forum because I live in the mountains of New Mexico and have over 40 acres of prime, very rural land, 40 miles from a very small town ( less than 100 people ). We are looking for a family to share this big, beautiful, safe place with. Please write us...
  8. New Member Introduction
    Just wanted to introduce myself as a new member and throw out a location so other members in the area know I am here and I know others who are here and getting ready. I have acouple really good spots around Las Vegas if anybodys around, let me know.
  9. New Member Introduction
    Hi every one, ive been lurking for quite some time and i finally decided to sign up. I have read many interesting articles here and i figured it was time i jumped on board and actually contributed to the community. A little about me. In 2004 living in Miami FL i came to the realization that...
  10. New Member Introduction
    Hi all, stumbled upon your forums looking for a knife review for an Ontario 499..(which I just ordered :)) Liked what I saw and figured I would troll around :thumb: Im 23, just moved out to Eastern New Mexico from Michigan. I'm a cartographer by trade, fresh out of college, also an avid...
  11. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Just wanted to pass a link I found while checking out the New Mexico Continental Divide Trail route. :thumb:
  12. New Member Introduction
    Hello to all from the Zuni Mts. of New Mexico. We live up here along the Continental Divide at around 8000 ft. elevation. We have a small ranch here where we have horses, cows, llamas, Jacob sheep, goats, chickens, plus dogs and cats. Being that we are ten miles from the closest highway it...
  13. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    I notice affordable land deals in New Mexico. I don't want a property to high in the mountains and I would like a half acre garden, cow, chickens (no more than a dozen), and maybe a pair of goats for: heirloom organic veggies and fruit, cow for meat, chickens for eggs and meat, and goats for...
  14. New Member Introduction
    I have been trolling in the forum, reading the useful info and decided to take the plunge and join. I think this forum is an excellent tool for those who are concerned about the future and would like to be prepared. Kirk
  15. New Member Introduction
    Hola! from New Mexico. Just kinda seeing what this forum is all about, I have had a sneaking suspicion for the past two years this unexplainable buildup of hate, steam, anger, frustrations, whatever you want to call it from the rest of the world. Seems like its gonna pop, my family has sensed...
  16. New Member Introduction
    Greetings new from New Mexico USA hope to make many new friends here. EVERY JOURNEY BEGINS WITH A THOUGHT
  17. New Member Introduction
    Pretty low key type about preparedness. I have a generator but most think its because I like construction: dual purpose..shtf and construction. Have lived at another site for a long time. I dont venture out much...try not to reveal much. Look to find a different angle on the same subject here...
  18. New Member Introduction
    Just stopped by to say "Howdy" from New Mexico. US Army soldier here stationed in west Texas right now. Looking for others of simular intrest for networking, tips and such. Also going to sell some of the gear in the classifieds as my garage is getting full!! I am the owner of CQC Solutions out...
1-18 of 29 Results