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  1. New Member Introduction
    Devote Born Again Christain who realized we are at the End of Days. Retired GBI Agent and proud veteran of the 82d Airborne Division.
  2. New Member Introduction
    Hi My name is Michael Love the info on this site. I am a tinkerer, I like to tinker with and build all kinds of things. I am a Ham radio operator I am a type 7 FFL license holder.
  3. New Member Introduction
    Hi Guys, I thought that I'd stop by and introduce myself. I'm Peter and I live in (mostly) sunny Sydney but am from rural Victoria and spent most of my childhood there. I grew up right next to some really cool backcountry right next to the mountains, on a farm. I suppose this is where I get...
  4. New Member Introduction
    Just wanted to say Hi from TN. I'm a full time mom and I'm really new to all of this, but trying to learn how this site works first and foremost. I heard about the site from a family hi to all and thanks for having me:D:. Lillyblue:)
  5. New Member Introduction
    id like to introduce myself father, now grandfather although i am not that old former military and avid hunter and fisherman. Glad to see like minded individuals
1-5 of 5 Results