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    Hi My name is Michael Love the info on this site. I am a tinkerer, I like to tinker with and build all kinds of things. I am a Ham radio operator I am a type 7 FFL license holder.
  2. New Member Introduction
    Hi Guys, I thought that I'd stop by and introduce myself. I'm Peter and I live in (mostly) sunny Sydney but am from rural Victoria and spent most of my childhood there. I grew up right next to some really cool backcountry right next to the mountains, on a farm. I suppose this is where I get...
  3. New Member Introduction
    Just wanted to say Hi from TN. I'm a full time mom and I'm really new to all of this, but trying to learn how this site works first and foremost. I heard about the site from a family hi to all and thanks for having me:D:. Lillyblue:)
  4. New Member Introduction
    id like to introduce myself father, now grandfather although i am not that old former military and avid hunter and fisherman. Glad to see like minded individuals