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  1. Urban Survival
    Hello Everybody I'm still pretty new to but it came to my attention that gas masks are getting harder and harder to come by. I'm not talking about the brand new modern ones that are extremely expensive but the military ones that are still compatible for modern filter that...
  2. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I want to get a gas mask, or multiple. But I don't know which ones I should get because I'm not sure which filters I can use. Let's consider a few masks. First the Israeli Civilian mask. I know it takes NATO 40mm, but are all NATO filters interchangeable with each other? I also think I read...
  3. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Survival
    new survey meter/dosimeter/Geiger counter from ki4u similiar to the nuk-alert key fob but with a much greater range. link here; it would be nice to know if there is any internal hardening against EMP. but appears solid, has anyone purchased this device...
  4. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Survival
    I just bought some om 10 gas masks from cheaper than dirt does anyone know if these would acctually protect me from an NBC threat or if these are not usefull in that type of situation
1-4 of 4 Results