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    This article appeared in the German magazine, "Baby & Family." This is not some fringe magazine: it has the highest circulation and readership of any parenting magazine in Germany with 1.56 million readers. It's been published for fifty years and is distributed for free through pharmacies. The...
  2. General Discussion
    Your papers, comrade?
  3. General Discussion There are three things I have no patiences for. 1. Men who mistreat women and children 2. People who don't know how to signal before changing lanes 3. &*cking nazis I tend to be very mindful of symbols and...
  4. General Discussion,0,5604032.story In response to growing outrage over naked body scanners and intrusive pat down searches of the private parts of air travelers, the TSA is warning Americans that they may be arrested and fined...
1-4 of 8 Results