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  1. Food and water
    I ended up on the site because I'm new to long term food storage and I saw a thread where back in 2012 y'all were talking about these sort of potatoes. I'm interested in storing them in Mylar bags but I'm new to it. Someone (I think they had the name "Old") said they had tried it and said get...
  2. Food and water
    The importance of long term food storage is increasing as one may run into natural disaster or emergency. If you are preparing for the possibility of a food shortage or disaster, you need to have the necessary materials for long-term food and product storage. Long term food storage requires...
  3. Food and water
    Just wondering if anyone knows of a local place in Dallas/Ft Worth Texas to buy Mylar food storage bags, oxygen absorbers and food grade 5 gallon buckets? Didn't want to order 8 buckets online, just needed to buy a few. Thanks
  4. Food and water
    I finally got my first shipment of mylar bags and O2 absorbers 2 days ago. Up till now I have gone oldschool, using ziplocks and plain 5 gal buckets. After getting my shipment, I just couldn't wait to start packaging like a pro. In my haste (as usual) I skimmed the directions, read a few blogs...
  5. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    I have 10 5 gallon buckets with lids, mylar bags, and 2,000 cc 02 absorbers. Due to the recent election I am going to fill them now, instead of waiting. I am thinking of the followig: 2 buckets of instant rice 1 bucket of just add water pancake mix (Sam's club brand) 1 bucket of milk 1...
  6. Food and water
    I recently purchased 20 1-gallon Mylar bags from an online retailer. They came folded over in shipping envelope. About 3 of the bags were creased so badly they tore, and two others were ripped because they were just shoved into an envelope. Now I am concerned the rest may be compromised too. So...
  7. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I have acquired some 5 gallon buckets from Dunkin Donuts and purchased mylar bags and O2 absorbers. I have some food (rice, sugar) already and have an order from LDS coming for many things (wheat, oatmeal, potato flakes, etc). I think I read on this forum a thread talking about storing several...
  8. Food and water
    I bought some 10"x14" mylar bags with O2 absorbers. My husband had the idea to take a hair straightener and after I fill the bags to seal it in the middle and then on the edge to make smaller bags. Has anyone tried this?
  9. Food and water
    I just picked up a Nesco fd-27 food dehydrator at a 2nd hand shop for $8. It has 5 trays and one of the first things I want to play with is making beef jerky. I have a few questions before I get started. My dehydrator doesn' t have a temp selector but the fan is on top of the unit. I also...
  10. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Emergency Essentials has all of their SuperPails on sale this month. The food comes in 6-gallon buckets sealed in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. There is a 200 lb minimum required on your order (you can order other stuff to meet the weight requirement). They have grains, legumes, milk, sugar...
  11. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    i have mylar bags,o2 absorbers,and food to store.can i leave dried beans in the original 1lb bags and seal them in mylar?i kinda wanted to put a mix of stuff in each bag,but not mix it up.thanks
1-11 of 11 Results