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mp5 clone

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    At SHOT show 2018 Palmetto State Armory said they were working on an MP5 clone. They even had a demo model at SHOT I was able to hold and look at. Here we are a year and a half later and still no PSA MP5 clone. I am getting tired of waiting on PSA, so what would the next best option be? In...
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    What are you doing to prep for Nov 2020? Getting any new toys that may be restricted? Preparing for a downturn of the economy? Growing your faith? Drawing your line in the sand and preparing mentally?
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    Does anyone think an MP5 clone chambered in 22 long rifle would have a role in a SHTF / Doomsday event? Awhile back I did some horse trading and ended up with a Walther MP5 clone in 22 long rifle. I am sure if loaded with something like CCI stingers the MP5 clone would do its job quit well. I...
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    Does anyone have any experience with these? Are they well built and reliable or some backyard cave brew stuff that some guy whipped up with his mig welder and harbor fright bender? Their website is under construction, but you can find them here -->...
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    I don't know if they would be my best choice for a post-apocalyptic hellhole but, these are a frickin blast! (sorry for the M4 in the pic, it's the only photobucket pic I have with the carbine in it) ATI (American Tactical Imports) was bringing these in from GSG (German Sport Guns). They...
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    iam looking in get a close range weapon any input would be a great help