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  1. Shotgun Forum
    Hello, I have not posted in a while, my daughter, who is 2 has been keeping me busy. I wanted to run some thoughts by everyone. I think the layout of the Mossberg is more intuitive than the Remington. The position of the safety and the fact that the shell lifter is out of the way during...
  2. Shotgun Forum
    Finish? Internal parts quality? other features? 590 model best?
  3. Firearms General Discussion
    For those of you one dial up, this is a side by side comparison of the remington 870 and the mossberg 590. Some of the differences include: Remington 870 has a choke - the mossberg does not remington 870 has a longer barrel mossberg 590 is drilled and tapped for a scope - remington 870 is not
1-3 of 3 Results