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  1. Shotgun Forum
    Hi! I am interested in a shell holder for a 590, especially in the Mesa Tactical ones. Therefore my picture request: I thought about the 6 or 8 shell holder attached to the receiver. I have concern that the 8 shell holder could be to long and interfere with the handling of the shotgun. I...
  2. Shotgun Forum
    Saw this and thought what a great idea! Not sure of price though. Seeing $335.00 Does this seem High, resonable, or a great deal?:confused:
  3. Shotgun Forum
    Hows it fare in comparison to some other shotguns out there, and whats the mean price range for it?
  4. Shotgun Forum
    I just bought my first shotgun today... Here's a link to a pic It was the only pistol grip shotgun at the whole gun show I went to I went w/ it... I am very pleased w/ it...went and shot off a box shells...awesome...
1-4 of 4 Results